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Uneconomical repair write off

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lexus2002 | 17:55 Fri 15th Jul 2005 | Motoring
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Please advise!

I am currently waiting to hear whether the cost to repair my car is economical or not. I have comprehensive cover and believe that if it is written off I will receive the market value of the vehicle. However, please can someone tell me whether I would legally be able to keep the car and reinsure it once I have received the money for the vehicle as it is still driveable?



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This question is so old, you probably already know the answer by now. Anyway, having paid you the value of the car, your insurance company now owns it, not you. So, if you wanted to keep it, they could give you a price, but it would be deducted from the original offer that they made to you, because you would be effectively buying it back from them.

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Uneconomical repair write off

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