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Battery or not to battery?

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wilsarnie | 10:53 Fri 26th Aug 2005 | Motoring
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My 96 Corsa is doing well for her age but has problems starting. Sometimes she's ok, then other times the engine turns over so slowly that she just won't start.

I've been told it's the battery (radio, wipers and lights all work fine though) but I now I can't start her to get her to a garage, to check the battery!

Shall I just buy a new battery? Are they easy to change by someone who's car maintenance limit is oil and bulbs?! Or shall I just call the RAC out? What if it's not the battery?

So many questions! Thanks for your help!



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It is 99% the battery. To turn the engine needs a lot more than lights wipers etc so they'll work. Get it started on jump leads from another car and go for a long ish drive of say 1 hour. Then wait 10 minutes and try and start it. If it starts ok then leave it over night and try again. Is it sluggish turning over, was it turning less fast that last night? If yes it's the battery. Now if after the run you wait 10 minutes and it then won't start, you may have a charging problem, is the fan belt tight? is the alternator turning ok? My gut feel though is the battery. If you call the RAC assuming you have home start they will have the tools to tell you and they will also sell you a battery.

Yep, chances are it's the battery. If it's bad now it'll be 10 times worse in a few months when the weather turns colder.

Changing the battery should be no more than a few bolts.

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Battery or not to battery?

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