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Maintenance Of Your Car

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AB Editor | 16:24 Thu 08th Jan 2015 | Motoring
16 Answers

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  • Every few months - 52 votes
  • 24%
  • Once per month - 42 votes
  • 19%
  • Once per week - 38 votes
  • 17%
  • Never - 36 votes
  • 17%
  • Once or twice per year - 33 votes
  • 15%
  • Less often - 17 votes
  • 8%

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Most modern cars (last 10 years) have lights which tell you when there's something wrong or something needs topping up.
I've a Motobility car so it gets serviced when they send for me and checked if a warning comes up.The only time I've been under the bonnet off my last four cars is when the screen wash bottle needed topping up.

Cars are a big investment, we are both quite positive users of our vehicles, so I do a weekly check of all the easily accessed bits.
Once a week, always have done. It's probably just an habit though these days
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With Garage prices should something go wrong, Myself, I check my car weekly, Tyre Pressures, Lights, & a visual, I have been told I am too fussy with the car I am now selling, I know for a fact whoever byes this car will be buying a very well maintained, well serviced motor, I see a lot with the bonnet up with problems just because they do not just check their car.
maintenance on my car? that's what my lovely non-pc garage is for. long may it continue.
Lady, it doe not take a lot to check your oil / water / lights/tyre pressures, by doing these simple little things it can save you garage bills, Eg/ my daughter's car had a nail in the tyre & could not understand why the tyre kept going down, to her cost, it cost her £40 for a new tyre, the tyre wall was damaged
twr - my non-pc garage man checks oil, water, tyres, lights, etc., for free for lady drivers. quote 'I don't expect ladies to do things like that'. of course he charges if something is wrong but a quick check and maybe a little bit of something is free.
thank you.

I must admit he is very old-fashioned but refreshingly kind and thoughtful and so are the people who work for him.
On some modern cars all levels and pressures are checked on each start up but its a good idea to check manually each week at the minimum.However as i've discovered there is no way of checking my oil level manually.
Hardly anyone checks their brake lights - as you can tell by the number not working.
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I check mine every time I wash it, which isn't that often.

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Maintenance Of Your Car

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