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Car Insurance

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TWR | 08:15 Sat 10th Oct 2015 | Motoring
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Article in the Mirror this morning regards Car Insurance, are us old farts getting ripped off with prices? are the young getting robbed with what they pay, I have seen the way some of them drive, but they all can not be tied with the same brush.


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Yes and I've seen the way some old people drive too! BTW it's 'tarred' with the same brush.
Some accidents can literally cost an insurance company millions when legal bills for all parties are added up.

I think it is time that whiplash became an accepted risk for all drivers and passengers, including on buses and coaches, so that nobody can claim for it. I know that whiplash can be very painful for months but it is just too easy to fake.

At the moment no I don't think so, Wife and I are in our 60's both got clean records, Full NCB and no Points, we have 3 motors between us, a 4x4, a BMW320 and I usually drive an Octavia VRS Estate, they're all on seperate policies, all insured, fully comp. for either driver and the total premiums for the year are £758, which averages just over £250 per car. I have no problem with that. We've looked at Multi car policies but our broker normally gets us the best deal/cover with seperate one.
Zacs: ' Yes, and I've seen the way some old people drive, too !'

I know you haven't tarred ALL old people with the same brush (!) but your comment is as offensive as if you were referring to black or Chinese drivers.

I am 82 and have been driving for 60 years. I passed the IAM test four years ago and have a Silver pass grade for the Rospa test, which has to be taken every year, and I look forward to it as a means of regular high standard assessment.

As regards the question, I think we are all paying for the whiplash scams highlighted by hc4361.

hat about middle aged drivers?

how mny times can you recycle the same question?
Derek dear boy, you'll have noticed the word 'some' in my post. Well done on the IAM thing. I was a member for 20 years.
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Did I force you to reply Beds?
I think car insurance for the over 25's is fairly reasonable.

Like hc costs a lot of money when accidents do happen.
The main cost for insurance is the possible payouts for personal injury claims,which can be in the £100,000s or even £millions.
This makes car repair costs insignificant by comparison.
If you are being 'ripped off' it's probably due to drivers abusing the system:
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