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Bmw E65 - Mechatronics Issue

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ToraToraTora | 10:18 Thu 12th Nov 2015 | Motoring
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Hi, anyone any experience of this issue with 7 series BMW, I get this message occasionally: ""Gear position N only with engine on" usually when parking. Now I have done some research but where I am stuck is finding someone who can fix the mechatronics issue for me. So really I am looking for someone who knows a good place to take my car. All the places I call just want to rip me off for a new Gearbox that I know is not the issue. PS I have replaced the selector, made no difference. Thanks


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TTT, I would get a Dio check on this issue, it could be just a simple thing like a sensor / bad connection, check in your area for an Ex BMW Mechanic, the reason I say Mechanic, he will look for the cause, the technician will replace. depending on your area, we have one nr Burnley & they are red hot.
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ok thx

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Bmw E65 - Mechatronics Issue

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