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Dashcam Warning

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Hymie | 16:44 Sun 11th Dec 2022 | Motoring
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I was recently involved in a minor traffic accident – minimal damage to both vehicles (it was not my fault, honest).

I have two dashcams fitted, one facing front and the other to the rear, both powered from the cigarette lighter socket, recording whenever the vehicle ignition is on.

However on removal of the tf memory cards, both cameras had stopped recording more than a year ago despite the cameras' displays showing that they were recording as normal.

Formatting the tf cards resolved the issue, with the cameras once again recording.

In future I will be regularly checking that the tf cards are being recorded to, I would recommend you do the same if you have a dashcam fitted.


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Understandable you would think that, Tora, both situations being car crashes.
17:43 Sun 11th Dec 2022
Your memory cards were full up I imagine, formatting would have wiped them so you can record again.
I used to dump my dash cam footage on to backup disc after every journey - didn't take long and ensured it was still working.
Most dashcams overwrite their files on a rotation basis (oldest files overwritten) but they also have a system of Protected files which are not overwritten and need to be deleted by formatting the card. Protected files are created if the dashcam thinks a collision has been detected; usually the sensitivity can be adjusted but simply a passenger slamming a door can trigger it.
Surprised you're not blaming brexit!
Like Canary, I dump my dashcam onto my computer after every trip. I keep files for about a year just in case I'm accused of parking for too long or exceeding a speed limit etc.
Understandable you would think that, Tora, both situations being car crashes.
My dashcam tells me to press the format button at least once a fortnight

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Dashcam Warning

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