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grandpajoe | 19:41 Wed 11th Oct 2023 | Motoring
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Living in North Lancashire, as I do, Being on the wrong side of 75, as I am, Ihave no desire to drive anywhere in "That London"

However it did cross my mind that if I did would my car be exempt as it emits ZERO emissions??? I bought it a few years ago new. It is a 1600 Vauxhall Turbo Diesel  and is exempt road tax because of it's zero emissions. Didn't know this when I got it b t w.. I am told it will remain Tax Free for as long as it ""lives". Of course it has to remain emissions free to pass the M O T.  So will the "Mayor" ever be able to snare me or my fellow,owners of this  model for this ghastly "theft"  Chris



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You're working under the old definition of 'zero', grandpajoe.

So much has changed over the years, mainly the mobile goalposts.


Well, like you grandpajoe, I have no wish to ever go  near 'The Great Wen' again.  I've only ever been for specific exhibitions and to visit OH's daughter in N. London.  She has pulled up the drawbridge (doesn't like me) so I'm unlikely to ever go. 

Out of interest I checked my little diesel car against the ULEZ requirements.  Like yours the emissions are so near Zero that I do not have to pay road tax on it.  It is NOT, however, compliant with ULEZ requirements because of its age. So I wouldn't hold out any hopes.  All the best - we'll let London stew in it's own juice - and emissions.😉

What is allowed to happen in London comes to other cities eventually. And then on to everywhere. Leave Londoners to stew in their own juice at your own peril.

But that's the only hope we (the rest of the country) have, O.G..

Ulez is precisely to stop us Londoners stewing in our own juice.

It isn't sane to hope for ULEZ, it's effect (apart from raising money highwayman style from the poor motorist) is small and inconsequential whereas the inconvenience (especially to the poor) is great, and it sets a precedence regarding how the public will allow themselves to be pushed around, even by someone not part of their local authority but merely wanting to manipulate people wherever he can.

How can a diesel engine have 'zero emissions '?

Hopkirk, it's the way the government uses different criteria every year or so for tax.  What is deemed to be low or zero emissions one year might not be the next.

A car will always be in the tax band assigned to it when first registered, so you could get the situation where two cars that were manufactured to the exact same specs on the same day in the same factory will go ave wildly different tax bands because one was bought and registered a day earlier.

Ah yes. Grandpajoe seems to think that zero road tax means zero emissions.

It doesn't.

He probably bought it 15 years ago when the government was giving people all sorts of incentives to buy diesel cars and now it seems some manufacturers were fudging the emissions tests

Diesel was seen as cleaner then, as they have lower CO2 emissions. 

Lots of other filth in them though.

I live in London. My wifes car is a Skoda Favia Greenline Estate. Bought from new in 2014 and exempt from VEL. It has been deemed by the highway robber Dick Khant as non compliant. It is diesel and a year too old. OK if bought and first registered in 2015. ULEZ will be coming to you in the future as well as charge per mile and 15min journeys so I wouldnt feel so smug living out of London. Mayor Khant has increased his fiefdom btw. His manor has been increased to 600 sq miles and includes the home counties. Mean while he swans over to America using aircraft to lecture the yanks on his deeds. Back home in London he has a three car convoy from home to park to walk his dogs with bodyguards and vehicles in tow. Vote labour and it will come to you. Uxbridge saw the writing on the wall and Labour lost that bi election.

I suppose there has to be a cut off point somewhere. It was acknowledged in the emissions scandal that your car had the 'defeat' facility, giving false figures. 

There must be some emmissions, It's diesel!

Of course there are emissions but they were considered acceptable emissions at the point of registration.  It just didn't emit many of the emissions that were considered evil at that time.  Now they are.

I regret my, meant to be light-hearted, 'stew in juice' coment.  All I really meant was that we can't do anything about it - it's up to Londoners to stop it. 

I think Ulez is dreadful - a friend's daughter used to visit 3 or 4 times a week 'cos her mum is not strong, she now comes once a week.  Friend is very lonely.

I wouldnt regret that comment.  Anyone with half an ounce of sense (Not a Londoner obviously) would understand it.


It affects thousands of people in different ways. There is a gentleman on this site who lives on the South Coast. His daughter just lives within the ULEZ zone. He visits he quite regularly but now it will cost him thousands a year. Prices for building work and general tradesmen. Through the roof. Not everyone in the outer London boroughs has a bus or tube network near them and have had to scrap their cars. I could go on.  :-(

Isn't the gentleman who lives on the south coast the one who keeps saying motoring should be more expensive? 

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