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How Will The Automated Vehicles Bill Look?

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ToraToraTora | 16:14 Tue 07th Nov 2023 | Motoring
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My views are well known on this so I welcome input from accross the board to this debate, I'll chime in later.

Key points discussion points include but not limited to:

1) Will drivers still have to be ready to take control of the vehicle?

2) Who willl be responsible for the vehicle and what it does?

3) How will insurance work?

4) Does this mean that disqualified drivers will now get back on the road?

5) Will it still be necessary to obtain a driving licence?



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Another example of a politician with a stupid faddy idea no-one cares about, with infant technology,  and an unrealistic implementation date.


will these vehicles be able to re-fuel themselves with diesel ?

chatter about this on the platform formerly known as twitter - it would be interesting to see how driverless buses would be expected to manage on London bus route 464, which negotiates Jewel Hill near New Addington in surrey (a single width road with vague passing places).........

No doubt our Mayor will just cancel the route as he has already done for a few arounnd Sutton whilst he dictates what car he will let us drive in his extended fiefdom.

"That said, there will still be two staff members on board – a safety driver to monitor the technology and a bus captain to assist passengers with boarding, buying tickets and answering any queries"


Errr, a driver then.

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How Will The Automated Vehicles Bill Look?

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