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Unable To Remove Car Window Smear

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patrickstar | 19:31 Sat 02nd Dec 2023 | Motoring
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My daughter is having issues with her car windscreen and side windows in that they are greasy / misty. She has tried cleaning them with newspaper, white vinegar / water mix and glass cleaner. She has no working air con. What else can be tried, or what make of cleaner may cut through the grease / misting?  So hard to try and help resolve this from 200 miles away! 🤪



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Try AUTOGLYM car glass polish. Quite expensive but seems to work well. Hope this helps.


In my driving days I used Halfords Glass Cleaner.

Check under the mats for moisture. Perhaps she has a leak causing misting.

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Car is damp Hopkirk as poor door seals, and is probably the cause.

Will get sent some Autoglym and see if that works FBG4O as tried Halford glass cleaner. 

Thank you

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Unable To Remove Car Window Smear

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