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Car Fob

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JinnyJoan | 22:35 Mon 04th Dec 2023 | Motoring
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first time I ever had a fob.  So one button is for closing, the other is for opening and the last one seems to look like the boot opening and says the word "hold".   What does the boot button do - I can't figure it out.  Thanks



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opens the boot?

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i thought that too and maybe I tried but will try again

It says "Hold", so you have to press it for a few seconds ie, not just a quick prod like lock/unlock.

It may just unlock the boot rather than you seeing the boot lid open up and lift up by itself. On my dad's car he has to press a button for us to get into boot when he drops us off with any bags of shopping. Car doors open but boot lock is on, so needs to press the button.

Another option for your particular car is that it unlocks just the boot, leaving the other doors locked. That would enable you to put your shopping in the boot without worrying that someone can get inside your car whilst you're putting your shopping away.

That's the same as my Hyundai fob, it just unlocks the boot while leaving the doors locked

I think it goes in and out.

Got it worked out. Thanks for the answers

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