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Cosy | 20:09 Wed 19th Apr 2006 | Motoring
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Does anyone know what the legislation is for parking trailers and horseboxes on your drive, outside your house?


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I park a trailer on my drive at home, cannot see that there are any regulations parking on your own property.

There might be a covenent to stop it and councils can in some areas also stop you but it would probably have to be in a conservation area. If you use them for commercial use then you may need planning consent for a change of use. Have you had a problem?
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cant see there being a problem unless you have an oversize trailer or horsebox. only a guess, but there are rules about steeling other peoples sun light !
if you have had an accident for example if someone has hit it with another car then it is on your insurance
stanleyman, covenants are terms within a contract - perhaps you are refering to statutes, bylaws or statutory istruments?, which there are none. This would come under the Tort of 'Nuisance' which could either be private (brought by the individual)or public (brought by the council) - The specifics of such a nuisance would be in relation quiet enjoyment and anstraction of light. There are a number of other ways in which this could be legally pursued, such as pollution etc.

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