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Sound system or Alloys?

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screamingcob | 13:20 Mon 24th Jul 2006 | Motoring
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Hey, i have a 1.2 renault clio and want to do something to it as i have a bit of money saved up, its between alloys or putting a sound system in there (nothing majour jus a couple of 6 x 9s, sub amp etc). Some of my mates are saying alloys, some are saying sound system. i think the sound system would benifit me more as u can only look at alloys hopwever they fo look fly. What do you think? Sound or alloys?


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I'd go for some beefy alloys if I had the money saved up.
If you havn't done anything to your car, then i would suggest alloys. I think this is the first mod that should be undertaken to any vehicle, if not already done so. Other things can be done later.

The sound system may benefit you, but what your talking about needs to have a look to it as well. Many people have clios, so you need to make yours different.
To be honest mate I would say it depends how much you have to spend, I mean theres no point in getting alloys if you can only afford some $hite small ones which would mean you might be wasting your money! But then alloys do change the way your car looks, and probably would make your car look better. But I don�t think you have to spend much to get a decent system in your car, maybe while you�ve got the money get the alloys then get the system after. I mean you could get an active sub for �150, 6x9s prob �60 head unit �100 and youd have a system for �300, it might not be amazing but itd be better! At the end of the day I suppose it depends whether you would prefer your car to look better, or sound better
Neither - save up and put it towards a better car.
I'm with Jay ... neither will make your car better
Alloys cos if you have a sound system then the music will draw attention to your car anf if your car is just standard in every other way do you really want that?!?!
Alloys are a nice subtle mod like *********** said it should be one of the first mods any car should have.
Imprezash1t - lol!!!!
if u put alloys o,n the car mite look as if its sittin too high see if u have sum cash left over buy a set of springs u can get a set for around �40-�50 so the wheels can fill the arches and it should look mint til u have more cash
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thankyou girly girl!!
there was no name calling as far as i can see girly, perhaps you could try reading properly.
Alloys? On a Clio? Fly?
Are you a fan of Eminem by any chance?

Save up and buy a proper car.
And perhaps some taste. ;-)

Sorry, I've had a bad day.
look on may well be able to afford both!
Tomtech do you not class "You are a total loser for a start" not name calling? Maybe you should try re reading your own posts before responding to mine.
It does actually say 'on a loser'
thankyou oldhamfan, im glad somebody can read.
Have you brought in your alias to defend you? I suppose someone better had even if it is your imaginary friend... aww how cute.....

I'm not an alias of anyone thanks.

Had you carefully read what Tom had put before posting an aggressive reply, you wouldn't have to lower yourself to accusing Tom of creating duplicate users, and would look so utterly foolish right now.

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Sound system or Alloys?

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