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near side or off side ?

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Mattk | 22:17 Sun 01st Jul 2007 | Motoring
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I can never remember which is which !
Is there an easy way to remember ?

is near side nearest to the pavement or nearest to the driver ?!


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near side is nearest to the pavement
Question Author
thanks i thought as much but the other option sounded plausible too !
It is dangerous to say Nearside or Offside, think about it, do you live in the UK or on the continent and drive on the right?

The recognised way is to say right side or left side as your sat in the vehicle.
or driver's side/passenger side.
Drivers or passenger side are different depending on country you are in.
driver is always in the middle of the road no matter what country dumbass!!!!!!
Toureman, I think that will make a difference only if you are speaking to someone from a country where they drive differently (apart from the small number of left-hand-drive cars in this country), so in practice there is unlikely to be confusion. Every Brit knows which side the driver's side is. So does every American.
Nearside and offside are terms most well known by the motor trade. They are terms that VOSA use to describe which side of a car is meant in the MOT test.
Left side and right side were not acceptable terms by VOSA when the MOT fails were handwritten.
just remember that Alfa's have a lousy reliability record. We live opposite an Alfa dealership and often see them returning on low loaders

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near side or off side ?

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