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Driving in Europe

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dive75 | 17:54 Wed 02nd Mar 2005 | Motoring
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Hi Guys. Hope all are well.

As I stated in a previous posting im doing a European roadtrip this summer including, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia and finally Bosnia.

Does anybody know, "if I get flashed for speeding or for a red light offence or if the old bill give me any sort of on the spot fines and ask to take my license. Can points be issued to my license upon return to the UK for offences committed in Europe"? Not that I am planning to go on a European road rage crime spree! if I pass through Munich K/Meister i'll buy u a pint! 

Cheers chaps



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I think in France, and Germany, you're more likely to get an on-the-spot fine for speeding but then you're free to go without any penalty points.  The fines would be cheap too.  Obviously parts of the German Autobahn have no speed restrictions.

Well, you'll have to try and make M�nich!  It's very close to Switzerland, Italy and Austria and a very gorgeous area with the Alps not far away.  Plus the biggest beer halls in the world! :)  Though we don't have pints but half-litres, but some places sell 1 litre Ma�!  Strong stuff!

How many are going on the trip?

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My wife and I are leaving London to Marseille where we will meet up with another couple who are driving from Madrid. From there we will start the "roadtrip". We only have three weeks, not long but will have to make do.

I dont reckon that foreign authorities have the power to endorse uk licenses with points although they may have the power to confiscate the license. I will call the DVLA tommorrow and post the answer.

Half litres!!!! wow, I drove through Germany last November to get to Prague but never stopped for a beer! wish I had now!!


The fines in France and switzerland can be very expensive - be careful. Not sure why KebabMeister says not.....
If you pop by M�nich, or plan to, then drop me a line - email

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Driving in Europe

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