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Hit Whilst Stationery....

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royzart | 20:42 Fri 08th Jan 2016 | Road rules
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Hi my vehicle was struck by a motorcycle at the rear
while i was stationery i was parked away from any bends
on a clear section of road.....whos at fault?

thank you


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The motorcyclist IMHO.
20:45 Fri 08th Jan 2016
The motorcyclist IMHO.
From what you say (that you were "stationary") it would appear that the motorcyclist was at fault. Did you report this incident?
The motorcyclist. Is he very badly hurt?
or she :)
Indeed, Bednobs. (I just didn't think that a woman would be stupid enough to drive into the back of a stationary car.)
Hope you took notes and measured the envelope that he/she was in...he/she is guilty to the letter.
Question Author
yes just dazed a van is bright red with yellow daglo livery on the rear
cant understand why he didnt see me
Question Author
yes i called the police...
Well... it's difficult to see vans when you are busy thinking bike.
Question Author
i didnt need to see him...i was parked up
My mum drove into a stationary car. It was the first sign that her cancer had got into her brain. She wasn't stupid. I hope this motorcyclist is ok in every way.
It was meant to be a joke, Clover. Sorry to offend you.
Interestingly (and perhaps surprisingly) this is not so clear cut as would be imagined. This story:

describes how a farmer was recently convicted of causing death by dangerous driving having left his tractor in a dangerous position. A motor cyclist collided with it and died of his injuries. This case was thought to be the first of its kind.

I'm not suggesting that the same situation prevails here, but as a result of this case, "dangerous driving" can also include "dangerous parking".

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Hit Whilst Stationery....

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