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Bus Stops

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dinsdale | 15:35 Sat 09th Aug 2008 | Road rules
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Outside my house is a bus stop, It covers the entire exit of my drive way. Oppisite my house is a shop.

Whilst i dont mind waiting if there is a bus picking up or dropping off people, I am sick of being stuck in my drive way, or being unable to enter because some muppet has parked there (in the bus stop) What is the current penelty for parking in a bus stop and, because I am now getting sick of it, would the police prosecute on the evidence of a photo taken by myself?


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Why don't you get in touch with your local councillor. They might can help to sort out the problem by getting the bus stop moved. They can help on all sorts of problems.
I think it is a grey area. Some information here. lations-relating-to-parking-on-bus-stops
Agree it is worth talking to the local authority. Depending on the nature of the area they may be willing to put make it a clearway. I take it that it is a lay-by - they won't want to move it.
Print up a poster so the shop keeper can place it on his door, saying words to the effect "please do not park in the bus stop you might get fined for illegal parking" , it will make most people think next time , also the local parking wardens will if you get in touch purge the area if you can tell them you have a problem .
Outside my house is a bus stop. It doesn't actually cross the driveway but it comes to within an foot or so of it. Opposite my house is a primary school. Despite there being a designated pick up / drop off area at the rear of the school many parents consider themselves too important to have to bother with pulling round the back of the school and the associated delay in getting back on the main road so they simply park on the bus stop making it almost impossible for me to see past them to know whether or not it is safe to pull out when I go to work.

I phoned the police and gave them the registration numbers of the two cars that did it most frequently. They cam eround to see me, took more details and warned the drivers not to do it again. They also spent a morning a week for two or three weeks observing the parking outside the school for themselves and then wrote to parents via the headteacher. It didn't happen again after that for a long time!

This was all about three or four years ago. I suspect to be honest that it probably does happen again now with new kids coming in having parents who aren't aware of the position. However, as my place of work moved I now leave a little earlier in the morning and it doesn't greatly concern me now so I haven't had to complain again.

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