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Reaching a certain age

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Ding-Dong | 18:05 Thu 10th Nov 2005 | Music
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Me and a number of friends of mine are reaching a certain age in a few years and are talking about hiring a big venue for a huge party for all our family and friends - because we will have approached a milestone, we want to splurge and hire a once famous band - we are thinking along the lines of The *********, Martha and the Muffins, Specials or the like (you can probably guess the age by the type of band we want). So, three questions for anybody in the know - (1) How do we go about this - who would we contact. (2) Is it even possible to do this sort of thing. (3) Rough idea of costs.

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Many thanks



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That's Buzz c 0 c k s

most bands have an official website, even older ones, though some are fansites.

It might be worth trying there and just asking, or to get the names of their managers etc

Some of the fan ones are very up-to-date and have good connections so try them too.

also contact their old record labels and see if they can put you in touch

what a great idea!

I'd have to hire Ned Atomic Dustbin, sadly!

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Reaching a certain age

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