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Are You Consider As A Fan Of An Artist/Band/Group Of You Also Describe Them As “A Guilty Pleasure”?

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MM305 | 06:56 Wed 17th Jun 2020 | Music
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Cause I read a quote that you aren’t considered a “real” fan of someone if you admit to them being a guilty pleasure. I even read a quote from a celebrity that does not want someone to be fan if they consider her as a guilty pleasure.

I don’t know what’s the general view/perspective on that, so I would like to ask you guys if you can be considered as a fan of someone who is also a guilty pleasure to you?

As a reminder, here are the several listings on what can be considered a guilty pleasure to someone:

- 1) It's something you felt uneasy/negative about at first, but then ended up liking for some reason.

- 2) It's something that would lead to physical (as well as verbal/mental) assaults no matther how much you try to defend/ignore

- 3) It's an interest that you know is flawed/has its faults, yet you like it because you can't help such a feeling. For example, a song with full racial/sexist lyrics. You may be aware that the song is heavily flawed for its sexual/racial lyrics, and end up thinking “Damn, they are right about this criticism", but you can't stop listening to it! (I could also use Nicki Minaj's Anaconda video as an example for males, because such a "seemingly" objeciifying video may still get males sexually aroused to the point of wanting more of it.

4) To add on to #3, you realized they are not as skilled as certain singers that you have listened to, making you wonder from something so great to something mediocre/bad.

5) I'm liking something that is “out of character/different in personality and approach" compare to yourself. Like this metal guy who admits to liking some pop acts!

6) You are the minority of a fan base that is filled with your opposite gender (like a male liking Justin Bieber/1D/Taylor Swift/boy bands/etc.)


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If its a guilty pleasure then you are a fan.
//if its a guilty pleasure then you are a fan.//

And if it brings pleasure, you shouldn't feel guilty.
//And if it brings pleasure, you shouldn't feel guilty.//

That too!
Question Author
Shouldn’t? Maybe...but because of folks unsafe living conditions and reasons 1-6 listed, that is not possible for some.

But if that still qualifies them as a fan, they’ll have to get used to it then.
I suggest you just print out points 1-6 on your list, then burn or shred the piece of paper and avoid referring to them again. Then listen to what you enjoy and ignore what others think about your music preferences
Question Author
The point of the list is to list the experience/feelings that you get for having a guilty pleasure.

Burning a list isn’t gonna stop one from still feeing these different ways or still experience then (especially if that person still gets verbally/physically assaulted for it).
>especially if that person still gets verbally/physically assaulted for it).
What sort of place /environment do you live in - you say unsafe conditions- where this happens? Maybe you need to change that if you can
It would be so much less tedious if you described your circumstances instead of spending many months and many posts dodging the real issue.
Question Author
Let’s just say in my case, it has to do with the Japanese guilty pleasure I posted a while back, where #1, 3, 4, 5, 6 lists how I feel about it.

Added on to me being one of those “flawed” individuals that I listed in my threads about “if a flawed man should try to have a girlfriend” or “if it’s possible for a female to fall for a male this flawed” (not exactly how they are titled, but look back at last couple of threads and you’ll know what I’m talking about).

But either way, there are folks who can do nothing to change how they feel or how flawed they are no matter how hard they try, while also being one if those adults who still have to live with his family in a city where that type of guilty pleasure isn't known/welcomed/accepted and can’t move out cause of financial issues that can’t be resume till YEARS to come.
And what, exactly, do you think anonymous posters on an internet forum can do about that?
We are all flawed. You are no different from the rest of us.
Question Author
I wasn’t trying to make this post about me, it was just a general question asking if someone can be considered a fan of something if they see it as a guilty pleasure (which some actually do because of reasons listed already).

There others besides me who are curious and/or experienced stuff like this as well that wants to know.
And are they all living in circumstances which won't change for years to come, too?
Question Author
For some yes, for others they may get lucky.
There is a whole group of you living with your 'guilty pleasures' who can't move out and are in physical danger?

You ought to club together and rent a place where you could listen to whatever you jolly well like without fear of coming to harm.
Question Author
These folks are not friends/nearby peers.

They are just individuals all around the world
who has expressed having experienced one or more of these things: Admitting their own guilty pleasures, living with them, having to live with family, being flawed to not getting a girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.
Despite reading about 50 very similar threads from you (under both names) with the what seem to be the same underlying themes, I'm still not sure what the issue is, I'm afraid Posting the same thing numerous times doesn't seem to help. I think some form of counselling may help.

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