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Rain In The Summertime

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beatlestarr | 16:36 Sat 27th Jun 2020 | Music
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Looking for a compilation with rain in the summertime by the alarm on it but don't want an alarm album


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mamyalynn ( on here) is probably the one to help you
If you search on Amazon you can usually download just one track from an album.
I'm not well up on compilation albums and that song dates back to the Eighties I think, I'm sure it must be featured somewhere.
Ah, I have misunderstood again - I thought OP wanted a compilation.
Checked out the main compilations from around that time and can't see it on track listings yet.

Good luck.
It features on the old 'NOW That's What I Call Music 10' album from 1987.

The song itself doesn't appear on very many compilation albums.
The early NOW albums are currently being re-released so if you hold on until next year you may get NOW 10 on CD.
Well found, I swear I checked that one.

Good job Fanriffic.
It's a shame you don't want an Alarm album, because Eye of the Hurricane is and absolute belter. When it came out I thought it was better than The Joshua Tree, which was released about the same time.

Anyhoo, as was previously said, Now 10 is what you need to find.
Thanks Mamyalynne. I've got all the NOW albums on various formats including vinyl, tape and CD and loved all the music from the 80s.
Stopped collecting them after NOW 50 because they started becoming rather rubbish with the music selections of the time.
I'm buying the re-releases just so I have them on CD for nostalgia and better sound quality than my old tapes.

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Rain In The Summertime

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