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Very Famous 70S Rock/Pop Song

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sp1814 | 16:14 Sat 20th Jan 2024 | Music
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This song has a sample from a very famous song from the 70s. Does anyone know what the song is?

it's the guitar riff that kicks in 47secs into the track.


I'm thinking Genesis, Jethro Tull, Mike Oldfield???



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Classical Gas by Mason Williams. I'll try and find a link.

Exactly what I was thinking, Winner 😁

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TheWinner - you ABSOLUTE HERO. 

This has been bugging me for a good couple of years. You've proved yourself more valuable than either my mates and Google.

If you had Shazam you would of picked it up straight away. How are your guitar lessons progressing btw?

Self-taught guitarist, rhythm on electric, fingerstyle on accoustic. Spent HOURS trying to teach myself this, before giving up! 

I can play the intro up to 0.50 then it gets tricky as I have trouble barring the chords on an accoustic.  I need to buy a Baby Taylor.

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I tried that - but all Shazam gave me was the new song, not the original sample. 

I also tried - usually very reliable. It came back with:

Search Results for “obscure clarte”

No results for your search “obscure clarte

Guitar lessons are coming along fine as long as I avoid all songs that require the F barre chord.

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Classical Gas is WAAAY above my pay grade on guitar.

Here's a tip though...every Oasis song is *extremely* easy.


I saw Noel Gallagher's High-flying Birds before Christmas. Oasis songs, solo songs, all executed perfectly. The first time Noel spoke to the audience was about 1/2 an hour in, to abuse Aston Villa fans (Utilita in Brum). Not one of nature's frontmen our Noel.


I've been playing for years now, but have trouble playing barre chords. I play piano/keyboards too, but struggle with octaves. Here's a youtube video for Classical Gas for beginners. I haven't watched it all. 

Of course, you only know what you know - I picked up the 'Classical Gas' construction in the first few seconds. 

But that's because I am old, and I have known and loved it for more than fifty years!

Trivia alert - Mason Williams main claim to fame is not as a musician. 

For years he wad a script writer for The Smothers Brothers, a comedy duo who had their own top rated show for years in the early days of American TV.


Those cardboard cut-outs is just my level musically. 

sp1814 don't avoid F.  You DO NOT have to barre it. If I put a ruler in your hand, and you gripped it with your thumb and fingers to keep it there, that is the shape for F without having to barre it. I'll try to find a link. See 2.01 on this link. That's how I play F.

If you then take that same shape up the fretboard it increases by half a tone each time.

i.e. play on fret one = F

same shape but on fret 2 = F#

same shape but on fret 3 = G

same shape but on fret 4 = Ab

same shape but on fret 5 = A 

same shape but on fret 6 = Bb

same shape but on fret 7 = B

etc etc


I'm surprised sparklykid hasn't contributed to this, as he, too, can play fingerstyle.

This is interesting to watch for those who play guitar, its Classical Gas played by Tommy Emmanuel.

anybody heard the mondegreen?  at 1.02 it sounds like he's saying Jimmy Tarbuck. 

(on the original OP)

sure sounded like obscure clarity to me, I couldn't hear it behind the other sounds any more than Shazam could. I recognised it on the fourth attempt.

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Very Famous 70S Rock/Pop Song

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