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Concert Ticket Prices

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newmodarmy | 11:37 Fri 26th Jan 2024 | Music
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I've seen most of my favorite bands live, but never seen the Eagles. I was just looking at their UK tour and looked at ticket prices. There's some right at the back at around £90 but anything with a better view start at £120.

Bit pricey for 2 of us- we can afford it but it just seems a lot.

Is that the going rate for concerts now? 




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^favourite (I'm not from US).

Those prices are per ticket not for a pair.

My friends went to see that ABBA thing at Stratford and paid something like that for tickets - and that's not even live!

No idea,but I always thought band concert prices were excessive so I'm unsurprised at the prices you quote. In fact, if anything, I'd have expected them to be at least double, triple even.

Steep for a band that must be well past their sell-by date.

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Those are discounted rates. Steely Dan are the support band so it should be good. 

Looks like it's what these things cost now. I know last ballet was £80 and last football match was over £50. I think I paid £30 for Queen in the 1980s

It's tempting to stay in and play Hotel California and Greatest Hits.

But  as they are all gettting on and Glen Fret passed oon years ago maybe it's my only chance.

Where's abbey when I need her to help me decide!

I saw the Stones at Earls Court in either '75 or '76 (i think the latter) and it cost £15 - apparently equivalent to £135.30 nowadays.

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^Glenn FREY

yes, unfortunately they are.  I like seeing west end shows, and REALLY want to see moulin rouge.  Unless i want to sit at the back of 20 zillion rows, on my head, behind a post im looking about the same price :(


They're doing three dates at Co-op Live in Manchester, so they might not sell out, in which case there could be cheaper tickets available on official resale closer to May / June.


and there's 3 of us!

plus you probably have to pay for train or hotel.

I probably go on but i feel the same way about cinema tickets. My 11yo wanted to see th e taylor swift film in the summer.  It was 16.99 per ticket and that was to just see a film of a concert!

and i couldnt just chuck her in then leave, so close to £35 for both of us


Ticket prices do seem to have gone up, artists don't get as much revenue from streaming as they did from record sales, many couldn't tour due to covid, touring is costly, probably more so since covid, we, the punter, have higher expectations, better sound systems and massive video screens.

When I started seeing bands in the 70's there were massive bass cabs that damaged your hearing and light shows were pretty basic (other than prog and space rockers like Pink Floyd and Hawkwind).


Most American bands/Artists charge more because fans don't know how many years it might be before they return.

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Just checked and I paid nealy £70 for Fleetwood Mac about six years ago.

I've taken the plunge and bought the tickets. When I clicked on Checkout  I was half expecting to get a message "You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave".

Another factor affecting ticket prices royfromaus is there's a good chance some of the band members won't be around in a year or so to tour. As most are in their 70s there must  be a risk one of the Eagles won't make it to June.  Steely Dan are the support band and I know they've cancelled a few gigs in the past year due to Don Fagan's health, so maybe it'll be more of a tribute band.

I saw The Eagles in a large indoor sports arena in Portland about 20 years ago - great sound, but zero really to see, so I wouldn't shell out that sort of money


At least the Eagles have got one original member and two others from the 70s (and the son of another founder member).


Tickets are expensive and I always think the booking fee is a rip off.  I paid more than £25 in booking fees to see U2 at Twickenham years ago and that was after standing in a queue at the statium myself for 4 hours because the website kept crashing.

sj, dont ge t me started on booking fees!



Booking fee, transaction fee, facility fee ... around 30% added on in total?


£35-00 is what I'll pay to see Birmingham symphony orchestra next week, and these are the best seats...bargain. 👌 

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I suppose I was prepared to pay 87.50 per ticket so I can't really complain. But I've only just been given a breakdown on my receipt.

£75 ticket price

Per Item Fees
£9.80 (Service Charge Co-op Presale Ticket)  
£2.70 (Facility Charge Co-op Presale Ticket)  

Plus there was then a further charge:

Order Processing Fees- Handling Fee £2.50

Good job I chose e-tickets as postal delivery would have meant another charge

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