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Great Performances Of The Rach 2 Piano Concerto

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DTCwordfan | 16:50 Thu 11th Apr 2024 | Music
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Lang Lang - Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 2 - absolutely brilliant.

so too Khatia Buniatishvili!

Take your pick!





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The first is barred from playing outside of YouTube, but I'll give the 2nd a try now 🙂

old Geezer, the first one should play if you click on the Watch on Youtube bit.

Good tune, but clearly rips off Eric Carmen's All By Myself

I prefer Khatia.  LL too show offy for me.

Wonderful piece of music DTC, thanks for posting.

Beautiful in its own way DT, but I am with Lady on this. If I want a feminine playing piano I will choose this amazing woman. Great life story and gifted beyond description.


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One of my all-time favourites is this, a fairly recent transcription of Mahler's 5th Adagietto to the's stunning.

Just to close the Rachmaninov loop, Ruth Slenczynska is his last living pupil. She is 99 years old born January 15, 1925.


She then takes it back to him with 2 preludes when she was a young woman in 1963.


I hope DT will forgive me but after posting a couple of great lady pianists we need to even it out a little. This man plays superbly too. 


Loving listening to these, thank you.  My father was a brilliant piano player of the classics.

Can or could you play at all Lady? If so you were lucky. 

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Beethoven sonata 13 on a superb sounding Bosendorfer......

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Here's Khatia on Liszt's "Ständchen" Piano Transcriptions After Schubert

Her Consolations are well worth a listen to as well.

Great tone on that recording DT. 

The Beethoven piece DT. We crossed posts.

Question Author

As pianos go, I love the Bösendorfer for its bass clarity - it favours Northern European and Russian music, the Steinway for the Romantics....

Togo I was sent for lessons but the man teaching me kept whacking my fingers with a music conductor's stick.  I was so miserable I went home crying and my parents stopped the lessons.  Then when I was about 50 I decided to try again and had a few lessons with a very nice lady but they didn't last for long as she moved away.  

My father was the best out of our family, second was his brother who taught music and was also the music critic for his local newspaper.  My father just picked it up from watching his brother.  I feel I missed out somewhere!

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Great Performances Of The Rach 2 Piano Concerto

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