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One Night In Nashville

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dave50 | 16:12 Thu 18th Apr 2024 | Music
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Has anyone been to see this? It had rave reviews so we went to see it. I think we must be the only ones who were a little disappointed.  I was expecting a lot of classic old country and western music that we could sing and jig about to but it was nearly all modern stuff we we never heard of. Maybe we're out of touch. 




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perhaps Nashville has moved on?

It's pretty much what I'd expect- Jolene, Stand By your man, country roads, achy braky heart, the gambler, rhinestone cowboy, etc

Can you give an example of what sort of song you were expecting?

I went to see 'Trainspotting'.  There wasn't an LNER Class A3 locomotive anywhere to be seen in it!

I have to admit to not really knowing all of the music here:

sounds pure Nashville...



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One Night In Nashville

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