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Song from late 80s/early 90s

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Chrysaor | 20:22 Thu 31st Jul 2008 | Music
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This is going to be difficult to describe but I would love to know what this song is. It's a female voice, starts really slowly, almost spoken, and all I can remember from this bit is a list of things which finishes '...and the culture'. Then it gets a lot faster and very catchy and she starts singing 'Now I see the...' and each line or verse finishes with 'Break it up'. The whole thing has a slight Indian sound, especially the instrumental bits.

Any ideas?


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The only thing that springs to mind is this, however the lyrics don't match what you're after.

Ever So Lonely by Monsoon

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Not that one, which I do remember, as Monsoon were supposedly the first Asian band to reach the Top 10, but I will check out other Monsoon tracks. Thanks.
hard to describe what i mean but does the track you are thinking of have a sort of "whooshy/watery" background to it?

Can recall a track like that with an Indian vibe and voice. Think the title is one word followed with "love" as the second word.
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Very interesting, Barney, and thanks. Yes, the background music is kind of 'swooshy'. Your suggestion makes me wonder whether I misheard '????? love' as 'Break it up'...
Could it be 'return to innocence' by Enigma. The 'love' bit and Native American sounds are familiar. Just a guess
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Tried that one on i-tunes, Bellini, but it wasn't. By 'Indian' I mean Asian rather than native American... Thanks anyway.

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Song from late 80s/early 90s

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