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Boris In Power,

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gulliver1 | 10:48 Thu 05th Dec 2019 | Politics
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Boris , When I am a Real Elected P/M" I will get Brexit done" . Remember the £350 million
a week, we will save on leaving the E/U .That will help fund the NHS, { " On The Bus " }.
Well I forgot to mention It will cost the NHS, an extra £500 million a week, to import Drugs etc , from USA, When I do a" Post Brexit Trade Deal " with my very good friend Donald .


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you do it often enough, you should know...
do you have a link to support these claims?
Question Author
E/M 10 .36 "when Boris gets re- elected" Not sure what you mean by re-elected ? Boris has yet to be elected by the Public. He was, Appointed his present post as P/M Via his own fellow Cons
ok then be elected. Jeremy doesn't stand a chance, better to have had Keir Starmer, than that old scraggy goat.
He was elected by the public to be an MP, and elected by the party to be party leader, and thus PM by default. So re-elected is correct.
I have moved this thread into the subcategory "Politics". This can be found under the category "News".
dannyk, neither Boris nor Trump says anything "consistently". A few months back Trump said he expected the NHS to be part of a trade deal. Now that it's temporarily an election issue, he says he doesn't.

But according to Channel 4, “drug pricing” has been discussed in six initial meetings between trade officials from the two countries

Oh, and the subject is so sensitive that they must not mention “drug pricing” in emails but use the term “valuing innovation”.

It's never wise to believe a politician's promises too faithfully, but these two have an unusual tendency to lie.
jno, they have been consistent during the past two months.
Of course you are psychic so you know these "facts" to be totally and verifiably true.
consistent during the election period, then? Election promises are never to be trusted. But I think if you look outside the election you'll get a pretty good idea what they really plan to do. Trump wants a trade deal that will benefit US companies - that's his job - and Big Pharma wants in to the huge NHS market. As for Boris, he's said - quite a while back - that NHS patients should be charged.
jno. if you care to investigate, I think you will find that the majority of drug companies already supplying the NHS are American, so what would change in the unlikely event that trade deal discussions included drug supply.
> they have been consistent during the past two months

You say that like it's an achievement, and (if it's true) I guess in their cases it is an achievement.

Often the end of a Trump sentence isn't even consistent with its start.
//As for Boris, he's said - quite a while back - that NHS patients should be charged. //

he can say it. and he can let NHS contracts to private health suppliers. but any suggestion that the service to patients would no longer be free at point of use would be - by whoever may be brave enough to formally propose it - committing political suicide.

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Boris In Power,

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