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Will Reform Uk See A Surge In Support?

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naomi24 | 10:36 Wed 15th Nov 2023 | Politics
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The Conservatives having stabbed Boris and made a hash of replacing him with two failures in succession, sacked Suella - the only one in recent office who had the courage to speak as many people see it - and reinstalled the hapless coward that is Cameron, are now I believe in seriously dire straits with the right leaning electorate - even if they are too far removed from real life to recognise it.


Will this untenable situation result in a shift towards Reform UK, a party that does actually appear to support what vast swathes of the electorate - including those first time Conservatives in the north - voted for the last time?



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The Tory Party should not have a "Left". Nor should the Labour Party have a "Right". It confuses voters.

What has happened with the Tory Party is the same as happened to the Labour Party in the run up to the 1997 GE (when it morphed into "New Labour"). It moved away from its principles towards the centre. The Tories have done exactly the same under Sunak. The only difference is that Labour did so in order to get elected. The Tories seem to have done so to ensure they are thrown out.

In 2019 The Brexit Party stood aside in 300 or so Conservative held seats after Boris gave commitments on a hard Brexit. It contributed to a landslide victory for Boris. I say Boris because many of the electorate who had never voted Tory voted for Boris wanting those commitments carried out. They have instead seen the left wing and the blob assasinate Boris and expunge every Minister who has tried to honour those commitments. The Reform Party has vowed to have a candidate in every seat outside NI, and in January this year already had 600 candidates chosen. It now has funds to operate and a determination to clear the Westminster stables. I have mentioned the existance of Reform and its intentions a few times on here, usually to the usual echo chamber retorts and blow hard comment. As yet they have no main stream media representation, although GB News do try to give them a little air time, but that will change when they are allowed to campaign alonside the other parties. A lot of people will be listening and liking what they hear. Reform will likely be the deciding influence on who will serve in the next Government.   

The trouble with political parties that are too broad is that stresses arise, and when they get too great one sees splits down the middle.


That stated, all parties are going to have members with different views, so all political parties will have members that are more right than the party average, and members that are more left.


11:00 enlighten me genius.


You could enlighten looking at your own past contributions.

"What has happened with the Tory Party is the same as happened to the Labour Party in the run up to the 1997 GE"

You say many sensible things judge, but that really isn't one of them, unless you think Sunak is going to achieve a 170 seat majority next year (!) What is happening to the Tories is more like Labour 1983 or 2015, when electoral defeat led to a lurch to extremes. In this case, the electoral defeat hasn't happened yet, but all the signs are that the Tories are going to retreat off to the right somewhere which, if they do lose by a landslide in 2024, will keep them out of power for a generation.


I've voted Tory in every GE since I've been old enough to vote, but I won't be voting for them in their current guise because they are not what I consider to be proper Tories (NJ has explained why they aren't proper Tories so I won't repeat it) plus I can never forgive them for the ridiculous way they dealt with Covid; I 'sort of' got what and why they did in the very early stages, but after that it was a clusterfcuk.

It doesn't mean I'll vote for Reform, and I won't be voting Labour (I'm not that daft), for the first time ever I just won't be voting.

Still, me not voting where I live is academic - a blue rosette on a piece of cheese would win.

Question Author

Same here, DeskDiary.  Any party other than the Conservatives are never more than an also ran so the result is always a foregone conclusion. However, I will not waste my vote.  Even if it only goes some way towards demonstrating my dissatisfaction (and that's putting it mildly) with this current shower by taking votes from them, my cross will go firmly in the square next to the Remain candidate - and if there isn't one available here, to an independent.  Any independent.  A blooded Tory nose - metaphorically speaking - is now well and truly due.  What a farce!

A blue rosette on a piece of cheese eh ? I think that's who has been representing my area for the last few parliamentary sessions.

Naomi voting "Remain" ? That's a turn up for the book 😁

Question Author

Haha! Before I grew up I used to vote Labour, OG .... but Tony Blair educated me.

Honestly, other than him taking us into an illegal war and needlessly causing the deaths of British personnel, I'd vote for Blair over the current Tories. He was more Tory than many of these lot.

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Will Reform Uk See A Surge In Support?

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