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Why Not Use Replicas.

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Canary42 | 23:11 Mon 27th Nov 2023 | Politics
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Can we not make replicas of the Elgin Marbles and then return them to the rightful country from where we plundered them. It's not as if there aren't already other replicas in this and other museums.

P.S. I'm posting this under the same category as the BBC used.



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Hardly the same thing is it. Besides we were given permission to take them as I understand it, so describing it as plunder is a bit off. Museums the world over are there to show genuine articles of interest from the world over. Maybe if Greece is so keen to get fixated and embittered about another nation having an item of historical interest that originally came from their area then they could find calm and contentment instead by making their own replicas to replace them.


(And maybe their spokesperson can try not being undiplomatic on TV programmes before expecting to turn up for talks, too.)

They were not plundered they were saved. Typical anti British rowlocks.

Whilst they were legitimately purchased by Lord Elgin, the vendor (the Ottomans) didn't actually have a legitimate right to sell them.

I believe that we have the technology to create faithful 3D replicas for future visitors to the BM to enjoy and it would remove a diplomatic bone of contention to return the originals to Athens.

JTH why? they should be paying us for storage for all the time they failed to look after them.

That's not going to happen, is it?

And I'm not quite sure how they have failed to look after them considering we've had custody of them for over 200 years.

why have we even got them? .....because they failed to look after them.

Oh, just give them back.


The Ottomans, who were ruling Greece at the time, decided to sell off a variety of things which they believed they had a right to do and the statues which graced the Parthenon were some of those things.

The greeks have not had a chance to 'look after them' since they have been on these shores.

Lord Elgin bought them


Lord Elgin bought them and they have been on display in the BM ever since. It would be a right and proper thing to restore them back to their original owners.

Thse who rule the place are those who have the right make decisions for the place.


We know how well the Greeks look after heritage. Just consider storing munitions in a place like the Parthenon. What could possibly go wrong ?

It would remove a diplomatic bone of contention for Greece to make their own replicas. (Perhaps they could then speak to the Argentinians and point out that it would remove a diplomatic bone of contention to stop envying what other nations have and brainwashing their kids to believe a lie.)


Having visited Athens this year I firmly believe they should be returned. Modern Greeks are very different to what things were back in the Ottoman days.

In the new Parthenon museum here is a Gallery which is displaying the marble freize as a walk around display. The missing bits are a stark reminder of where they are!
There is also a compelling AV of the history of the Parthenon and Elgin's aquisition of the freize parts.

Thee is no reason at all why moren casts cannot be dispayed in the BM. The average viewer would not actyually see a difference.

By the looks of them they could do with taking to the Repair Shop, let the Greeks take them along and we can listen to another sob story.

When Lord Elgin rescued them, Greece was under Turkish (Muslim) control and the rulers had no interest in them, as they were considered to be graven images. 

Had he not taken them away, they might well have been ground up to make gypsum.

If a new set of replicas were made, it should be the Greeks who are given them - and grateful they should be too!

For goodness sake can we just give them back?

people who bought artworks the Nazis plundered from countries they occupied are now expected to return them to the previous owners and courts are enforcing this. Same situation with the Elgin marbles.

As for saving them, the British Museum badly damaged them.

If the Romans, French, Germans etc had pinched bits of the top slabs of Stonehenge and whisked them away to their own countries and museums, would we be happy with that?


Why can't we just be decent and give the Greeks back their heritage? Is it anything to do with feeding the gobbling anti-woke brigade (AWB - TTT for your attention)? Or if not, what's the problem?

It's perfectly clear who's lost their marbles.

If you take a look at how the British Museum talks about the Easter Island head, that was definitely stolen - not bought - then it gives some perspective on the Elgin Marbles:

Blah, blah, no action ...

James sums it up quite well here.;t=ledNBx-A4CvipFvzS55KlQ

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