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//The current government … needs to awake from its catalepsy if it wishes to win the election,” he warned.//


The member for Victorian values then reclined on a green leather bench to continue his busy day.



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1453 is quite recent history for Jacob ...

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Rees-Mogg and Dorries. The Boris acolytes. All three of them thankfully now irrelevant.

gollee, I didn't think even JRM had been around 500 years. Is he voting for the war against Spain?

Maybe he's a vampire ... it would explain a lot.

I usually agree with JRM but in this case he seems to have missed the story where the Greek minister was sent away with a flea in his ear as a result of the guy's undiplomatic attempt to control the narrative of an imminent meeting.  Seems our PM does have some life in him after all.

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Tory Backstabbing, Part N

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