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Promises Promises

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davebro3 | 08:14 Thu 16th May 2024 | Politics
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//His commitments, which include stabilising the economy, cutting NHS waiting times, setting up Great British Energy, cracking down on antisocial behaviour and recruiting 6,500 new teachers, are the latest step in his five “national missions”.//

Oh - and he will stop the boats.

Whaddya think?



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Question Author

I wonder if the "Ed Stone" is available for a workover.

You've solen my thunder, davebro - I was just going to mention the 'Eddies Stone'! 

This is not the same at all, of course, this is verbiage not masonry.


For promises read lies.

Promises, like pie crusts, are made to be broken.

They seem reasonable aims, but instead of claiming they will be funded one needs to provide details. (Plus it's what isn't said and going to be ignored that's important too.)


As for illegal immigration, is the idea to have a further force in addition to the existing force picking up arrivals at our shore and bussing them off to a hotel before granting them permission to be here ? Or are they going to patrol the French shore to do their responsibilities for them ? Or maybe the force with have their own boats mid-Channel ready to pick up the illegals and bring them to Blighty ?


All seems to be a rather vague wish list at present  probably just being used as marketing in anticipation of an election.

Same old Labour.

Do you mean 'same old politicians'?

Like water, they take the easiest path and don't care about the damage they do.

It's just so boringly predictable isn't it, and it doesn't matter whether it's the Tories,  Labour or any other party, they all trot out the same old banal soundbites. As far as I can recall, every party in every lead up to a GE has banged on about the NHS, and it's just as crap now as it was under the last Labour Govt.

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Promises Promises

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