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Farage Apology

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davebro3 | 20:20 Wed 29th May 2024 | Politics
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I actually saw this as it was broadcast & my jaw literally dropped when I heard Geeta Guru-Murthy's comment on Nigel's speech.

The BBC needs a damn good shake up 👿



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Yes, it does. (As do a lot of institutions like the NHS.)  She wasn't at all sorry for her remarks, didn't say that she was wrong, she apologised for breaking the BBC standards/rules on impartiality. Nasty.

No idea why anyone imagines the BBC is impartial; it ceased to be years ago.

That was overly blatant though. Usually it's more subtle.

Perhaps the broadcaster could address the facts without waiting for another dead baby to wash up. Just because Mr Farage speaks his mind doesn't make him wrong.

The attack has been mounted and a robust defence better come soon as it ain't stopping on its own.

I doesn't look as if anything is going to happen, Douglas.  Maybe I'm being premature.............

he's bang on as usual, of course it's an invasion.

Looks as if the issue has been put on the shelf.

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Farage Apology

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