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7 out of 10 Brits say there are too many immigrants.

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anotheoldgit | 12:51 Fri 05th Aug 2011 | News
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How many ABers think that there are far too many immigrants in the UK?

If you are one who doesn't think that there are, then do you also think that our NHS, Schools, and transport facilities, are perfectly adequate to cope with the ever increasing number of immigrants?

If you are one who thinks that enough is enough, what are the direct disadvantages of accepting these numbers into our country?


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Do you believe "There Are Too Many Immigrants"?

  • Yes. - 95 votes
  • 71%
  • No. - 39 votes
  • 29%

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Poll added. We can compare numbers.
It's not the's the system that needs changing.
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I think this is what has been going since the man was born. Human being have been wandering on earth for a better life and in search of opportunity. This will keep on going either u like or don't like it. Even in future, when great Britain will no more be a very rich country, the britains will immigrate to other parts of the world as they did in the past (when many of them travelled to America and South Africa).
Agree with ummmm
There seems to be a problem with the poll? Could it have anything to do with:

"Stats until: 01:00 Tue 30th Nov 1999 (Refreshed every 5 minutes)"

Well spotted.
There are nowhere near enough immigrants. Apart from adding diversity to our grey nation they, and the taxes they pay, will be needed to help keep us all in our decrepitude.
There should be another box for - just right, which I would tick.
Question Author
Doesn't work anyway Gromit I voted still no result.
I dare not say, I shall be hunted down and speared.
The majority of people's feelings about immigration and immigrants are fed by the media, who love to portray immigrants as the evil in our midst, and immigration as a biblical plague which will kill us all.

Reality does not appear to reflect this - but we have inherited the American media, which exists purely to sow seeds of nonsense and frighten its readership.
These days some subjects need no media guidance. Personal experience will give you an answer.
There is a bit of a contradiction in right wing thinking - on the one hand immigrants are desirable because they add to the labour supply and keep down wages which are by definition too high

On the other they are (shudder) foreigners and Not Like Us.

Most - in fact all of us - are descendents of immigrants.
Hmm, not sure why the results aren't showing.
the majority of immigrants are coming here to work hard to earn money to better the lives of their families... a trait which a lot of Brits could learn from!
can you define what 'too many' means to you aog ?

i.e. more than 1, etc etc
Ankou - is the a petrol / bonfire interface I see before me? LOL!
not at all, i mean where do you draw the line? my dad was an immigrant.

what constitutes 'too many'? for example, ten years ago, immigrants to the uk (non british born residents in the uk) made up just under 8% of the population. is that too many ?

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7 out of 10 Brits say there are too many immigrants.

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