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Lawence Killers Sentence

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AB Editor | 11:16 Wed 04th Jan 2012 | News
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//Whiskeyron, your comment puts you on a lower level than them!//
Kind of you to say so RATTER15. They stabbed that young man for no other reason than he was a different colour, he had done absolutely nothing to deserve his fate.Those bas****s & their other mates who have yet to be sorted out do not deserve to live a minute longer than necessary. They are beneath contempt & I repeat '' An Eye For An Eye''

blimey ron 2 minutes gone and no do gooders giving it to you!! a new record on here!!
"blimey ron 2 minutes gone and no do gooders giving it to you!! a new record on here!! "

"AB-er advocating knife-crime unmolested by law-abiding colleagues shock"
Your breed will die out soon, Ron!
I have to say I was disappointed to hear that these cretins were to be sentenced as juveniles.
Whatever their age, they knew exactley what they were doing.
Lets wait and see what happens if they are given a light sentence.
// Your breed will die out soon, Ron! //

That's the problem with this country, when ''my breed'' have died out I dread to think what kind of people will be left. Probably do gooders who say about the low life '' what a shame they had a poor upbringing & we feel sorry for them.''.
-- answer removed --
Whiskeyron, that is a stupid comment, nobody has said they feel sorry for them!! you said "Stab them both & let them bleed to death VERY, VERY SLOWLY."

that is just sick!!!
"An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

Perhaps you ought to change your avatar for a bit, WRon?
they didn't evade justice. It's not like they fled to Rwanda or anything. Justice just failed to do its job.
-- answer removed --
Dobson 15 years 2 months, Norris 14 and 3.
well, you do get a sentence reduction by pleading guilty so I suppose that's already taken into account.
quite substantial sentences then
When's the appeal?
Hopefully this will bring about the arrest and conviction of the others involved.
They would be substantial if they served them, but they won't. They'll just tell a parole board that they're really sorry for what they did, and they'll be out in half that time.
i agree phil. there were 5 people involved in this murder.
May I just remind you that in the 1930s a group of like minded morons got together & formed a political party whose creed was to get rid of the ''different & those that are not like us people''. The world had to physically eliminate them. The thugs who killed Steven Lawrence came from the same mould as those Nazis & should be dealt with severely to show that we will not tolerate ever again a repeat of such history.

I doubt it ludwig, they've been given life sentences and the figures I gave are minimum tarrif's that must be served before they can even apply for parole. They'll both do 14 and 15 years respectively, then convince the parole board they're worthy of being re-introduced into society.

21 to 40 of 56rss feed

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Lawence Killers Sentence

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