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Fit to be a parent?

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daisya | 18:03 Wed 04th Jan 2012 | News
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IF this is to be believed...what sort of mother would do this? What are your thoughts? I find it unbelieveable that anyone could even contemplate this for a 7 year - jeez, some people!


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Surely that MUST be a wind up.

Is it April already ? Seems the year had hardly started.
My thought on the matter are not really printable, suffice to say I think the woman is a disgrace.
"She asks for surgery all the time."


"She wants to look good and lipo's one of those procedures that will always come in handy."


""I see these vouchers as investing in her future — like saving money for her education."

Er... I think you'd be better off saving for her education, by the sounds of it.

And lastly...

"'Barbie' ... Sarah Burge, 51"

What an insult to Barbie, herself!! :D
These 'news' items are designed purely to ping the automatic splutter reflex over millions of breakfast tables.

The easiest way to deal with them is to ignore them - they don't actually mean anything when you examine the context of the story.

Mother giving her child surgery - criminal, mother giving her child a 'voucher' for surgery - publicity seeking.

It's important to note the difference.
"It's good kids worry about their looks. If they don't learn how to look good they'll all be walking around later in life looking minging."
What a sad and shallow individual she is. I hope that her daughter can make her own decisions when shes older and sees more in herself (and other people) than what they look like.

"It's good kids worry about their looks. If they don't learn how to look good they'll all be walking around later in life looking minging."

And this is a woman of 51?!
I saw that last night,and all I could think is the child needs taking away from her. And I don't usually advocate that. What she is doing is a kind of abuse,and goes against what she,as a mother *should* be doing....instilling confidence in her daughter.
Question Author
Think she's MORE plastic than Barbie...and as flip says, what an insult to Barbie to have her likened to the doll, Barbie's got more intelligence for a start.
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Oh...and this is the second time she's given the child a voucher for surgery.
There's worse things a parent could do I guess, still, I don't like the idea of children, especially at 7 worried about their looks.

I'm assuming these vouchers won't be redeemable until she's a teen?
red-I think she sees this as something her daughter can use when she is old enough.
Oh my god! She's spent over £500, 000 on her own surgery!?

She needs to get back onto them as soon as possible... for a refund.
Ask any parent in the country if their son has not asked at some point if he can marry his mum, or their daughter has asked about marrying her dad - almost al children do it as part of exploring their sense of self.

If it becomes a Sun headline -


it looks like something far worse.

The trick is taking the 'knee-jerk' out of the headline and seeing what it really is - and that's usually a 'puff' piece on a slow news day.
any laps I can dance on - I want that money.
Some mistake surely??
If a mother wanted her child to have liposuction she would presumably take her to a surgeon who would tell her to get lost. She wouldn't give her a voucher.
This looks a bit like an attempt to get yourself in the news.
It is, yet again *another* attempt for this loony to get in the papers.

I've seen her in magazines, in the past, showing pictures of her injecting her (slightly) older kids with Botox.
Question Author
Sadly ichkeria you are probably right seeing that it's apparently happened before with this woman.
Like Andy's said, a whole lot of knee jerking going on here.

I'm willing to bet my last 50p in my purse (I kid you not, all ive got in there) that these so called vouchers won't be redeemable until the child is at least 18, and who's to say she'll even cash them in at all?

Yes its silly, yes its a waste of money, but as ive said, maybe it's kind of warped, but there's worse cases of child rearing out there, i'd rather these were focused on instead and something done about them.

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