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Gays and football

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anotheoldgit | 13:15 Mon 30th Jan 2012 | News
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Why are there no 'gays' in football, but if there are, why do they remain closeted?


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There are probably quite a few gay men who play football, they can't announce it to the world because they will be called all sorts of horrible things when they play. Their sexuality is their own business anyway and there is absolutely no need to announce it. Should all heterosexual men have to state that they are straight?
there are lots of gay men and gay women in football.
some choose to tell the world, some don't. why? well its their choice.
I am sure you read your links before you post them AOG - the answer to your Question is eloquently outlined in your link.
Question Author

I agree with your second point but not with your first.

If this point were true, then black players while of course not being able to hide their skin colour, but would also be less likely to play the game, in case they might also be called all sorts of horrible things when they play.
oh. back to the colour again ?

but so soon......
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AOG - my (limited) experience of knowing gay people is that they live their lives daily with a set of built-in predjudices in our wider society with which they have to contend in varying degrees.

If I were a gay man, and was in a profession which is known for its homophobia in all levels and in all areas, i would be very keen to keep my sexuality out of the public arena, since it is not a matter for public debate, and i would not wish to add additional problems to my daily life - having found that a heterosexual society can make enough trouble for me, without me going out looking for it.
>>>some choose to tell the world, some don't.

In fact few, if any, choose to tell the world (certainly men).

In fact the only English footballer who did come out (that I am aware of) was Justin Fashinu who finished up committing suicide when only 37 years of age.

I love football and have been watching and attending football matches all my life, but unfortunately football fans can be a rather stupid moronic lot when they are at a match and things are not going their way.

I was at Fulham v Liverpool last season when Liverpool went 3-0 up after about 15 minutes and the Fulham fans just turned to abuse in their anger at Liverpool, shouitng "p*ss off back to your Toxteth slums" and that sort of thing.

If their was a known "gay" footballer playing then they fans would soon shout out homophobic abuse to a gay player, and if 5,000 fans are doing it is hard to arrest them all.

I dont blame any player for not "coming out", knowing how stupid many football fans can be.
Question Author

No need to be so damn curt, I suppose you read everything and accept it as said, and just don't bother to question or widen the debate further?

Those in the link were the views of a gay footballer's niece and Max Clifford, I was merely trying to start off a debate amongst see what their views on the subject were.
Perhaps the programme Britain's gay Footballers (BBC3 tonight 9pm) will help you understand the situation more easily.
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if a gay footballer's niece and Max Clifford have spoken is there any more to be said?

Though I suppose Katie Price would sell you a quote on the subject.
personally i'd like to hear what kerry katona has to say about all this. if anyone can enlighten us it'll be her...........

and if louis spence is around, perhaps he could chip in.
There are 'no' gay boxers or cricketers either, AOG,, and only one or two gay rugby players (one of whom only came out when he had retired)! And how many openly gay men are there in the rest of sport? Not many. The truth is that fans are uneasy, or thought to be so, with the idea that a player is gay. This will change as the older fans die out and the 'homophobia' dies with them. Racism has largely gone the same way; the crowds throwing bananas and chanting racist insults at black players have gone. There used to be no openly gay men in the services either but that has changed. Professional soccer players are still subject to what is described in the link and are 'higher profile' than exponents of other sports and games and consequently feel under greater pressure not to 'come out'.
blimey AOG
What is it with you?
Explain why anyone, other than the player themselves, need to know anything about their private life?
Why should they not remain closeted? Would you get off on knowing details then?
Comparing sexuality to skin colour is an extremely poor comparison
there is just one gay international cricketer - I think he's actually in the England squad at the moment, in the UAE; presumably the locals have agreed not to protest

JJ, why have they called themselves ''Bandits'' ?

ron, probably for the same reason fulham call themselves the cottagers.

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Gays and football

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