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Tube Drivers during the olympics.

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flip_flop | 13:24 Mon 30th Jan 2012 | News
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Am I missing something here?

Am I right in thinking tube drivers are going to be paid more during the olympics, not because of overtime but for doing their normal shifts, just because the olympics are on?


Why would it make a jot of difference to them whether the olympics are on or not? I'm struggling to see the justifcation for this extra payment (or am I being cynical in thinking this is simply a sweetener to stop Bob Crow calling his members out on strike during the olympics?).


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if i could i would leave London whilst this is on.
The DLR ,which is the service to the EXTEL site for the Olympics, is driverless and works perfectly well and safely, it will continue to operate without drivers for the games.
Eddie, i said this before that many will eventually do themselves out of a job, and then what will that odious Bob Crow tell his members, sorry mates, but redundancies are on the cards, or let's strike to save those jobs.
wont be the only tubes running on tracks .Waste of money ,country cant afford it .people can cant afford .Who is it suiting to hold this so sporting icon ..see what can be build and done when it suits .would billions be found to house and look after the less well of in this country For what maybe two gold medals .Give us a break Coe &Co
weecalf, not wishing to put my oar in about the costs of the Olympics, but at the time of the bids we didn't seem to be in that much debt, or it was manageable, and obviously the government of the day thought it would be a good thing for London and the country. That was a long time ago now, and we have marched towards penury since then
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they don't make these decisions on the spur of the moment, so who to blame, once the bid was accepted then there was no backing out, not that i could see.

thought i was the only one who couldn't stand Red Ken, seems not.
Seems it is not just the Tube drivers as this report is from December 2011
Perhaps everybody who works in the service industry in London should get a bonus due to the additional visitors.

Cabbies could double/treble their fares, McDonalds could up the price of a Big Mac, etc, etc.
£150,000 annual bonus for Bob Crow, I say!
Stephen Hester, who runs RBS, is deemed by many to be worth a doubling of his income in the form of a bonus because he is "doing a good job". Given that Crow's job is quite simply to maximise benefits for his union's members, no one can conceivably deny that he, too, is "doing a good job". His salary is in the region of £150,000, so why shouldn't that be doubled?
I mean, £300,000 is chickenfeed compared with £2,000,000!
// I mean, £300,000 is chickenfeed compared with £2,000,000! //

That's how these things are always justified QM. It's always chickenfeed compared to something else. Hester's probably wondering what the proles are getting angry about when his 1mill bonus is 'chickenfeed' compared to what he could be getting elsewhere.
if thats the case why don't all people get a bonus on top of salary, the answer is that most people do a job and won't get one. This bonus culture is now out of hand, time to scrap the lot, do the damn job you are well paid to do, and stop moaning. That includes Hester, Crow, and anyone who has a well paid job. The thinking is that is you pay these large bonuses then you will get someone who is likely to stay, work hard for that business, not always true though is it.
The only bonus people should get is keeping their job if they do it properly. If they don't they're out.
dodger, agreed.

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Tube Drivers during the olympics.

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