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Public Transport & Disability

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AB Editor | 09:57 Tue 27th Mar 2012 | News
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  • They're failing everyone - 80 votes
  • 63%
  • Yes. - 25 votes
  • 20%
  • No. - 22 votes
  • 17%

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I watched that this morning. How humiliating for her. Like she said in the interview, it's okay for her because she can manage it, what about people who can't.
Difficult to say. I can't make a decision. We have no public transport whatsoever where I live.
The UK's Private transport systems are failing everyone. We don't have a Public transport system any more.
£91 return York to Edinburgh yesterday. Train was freezing in the morning and boiling in the afternoon and the tray on the seat in front rattled constantly making the trip something akin to Chinese water torture. Shocking.
There was a local news story here just the other day about black cab taxi drivers refusing to take disabled people in wheelchairs. A taxi driver was disciplined on one particular occasion.

I have some issues when my arthritis is bad. I am reliant on public transport and it can be daunting, especially around city rush hour, if you can't get a seat and the buses go so fast it can be difficult getting sat down before they take off at speed or getting up to get off (if you don't there is a high chance you will miss your stop) or have to get up anyway to ring the bell.

With general city road issues there are often instances of a bus driver having to slam on the brakes and, with the speed at which a lot of them go, it can be hard to hang on sometimes (I've nearly ended up in a few laps!).

I wonder how many people who need wheelchair space it puts off as many people sit in those seats anyway or it can get so crowded they couldn't get in and the space is shared with pram pushchair space (I imagine parents have similar issues to many I've mentioned above).

I know from many years of volunteering with people with disabilities that some attitudes disgusted me as to the lack of respect and assistance shown to people with disabilities generally.
Can't comment on trains as it has been long time since I was on one.
Here in Edinburgh Lothian Buses are quite good for disabled people. Most of them can lower on their suspension and have the extending plate to allow wheel chairs to get on easily. Most have one space for wheelchair and one for pushcart.
Travelled quite a lot throughout the winter by train. Hypothermia anyone?
West Sussex buses (Stagecoach) seem to be extremely disability friendly. Wheelchair users are welcomed aboard with alacrity and checked on their safety. Well done the drivers!

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Public Transport & Disability

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