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What did Liam Stacey actually write

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sp1814 | 12:01 Tue 27th Mar 2012 | News
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Another case of some fool not realizing that alcohol and twitter do not make good bedfellows.

But what is it that landed him in jail?

It's all very curious - and I'm thinking it couldn't be him laughing over the 'death' of Muamba, but something more serious, does anyone know what he actually wrote?


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The 'n' word if I remember rightly, there is a website that has a screenshot of his twit ramblings, I'll see if I can find it.
He posted that Muamba was dead, soemone called him on that and he then started drunkenly chucking racist abuse about. I didnt read it personally but I gather it was largely aimed at footballers so I imagine there was an element of jealousy about lifestyle etc involved. Stupid child I imagine had no idea that anyone would call him on it and he's now effectively chucked 2 years of university work down the drain as they have slung him off his course. Stupid, stupid lad.
A quick google brings this up: (caution: not a nice video!)

Is it a screen cap of his real account? Or a fake one made up? No idea.
You'll probably need to full-screen that to read it!
Here it is Evian had it on a thread
Sorry, didn't refresh.
If you wanted to skip to the "full" details, in readable form: (Again: Caution, it's pretty nasty) http://1.bp.blogspot....JMo/s1600/MUAMBA2.jpg
His account was hacked....yeah right.
Makes you wonder how he got into Uni with such a limited vocabulary.
He pleaded guilty so the hacking of his phone was a fat lie, as if we didn't know.
Nasty little piece of pondlife
I think it's the whole existance of twitter etc that makes these trolls think their ramblings are in some way relevant.
Question Author

Just read his musings.

Blimey...some people really do think that when they're on the Internet (Twitter and Facebook especially), they somehow have Harry Potter's cloak of invisibility.
absolute disgrace that he should be sent to prision.

just shows how this deep this country is riddled with the PC mentality
baz did you read what he tweeted???????
I must admit despite abhoring what he's done, I can't see the sense in sending him to prison. I would love to see in this country a community punishment that was actually effective, rather than the nonsense that's put forward which is just a costly waste of time and does it's participents or society no good. This lad had everything going for him, university, eyes set on a respectable career, and now he's lost it all. He should be punished resolutely but I feel strongly that prison should only be for those that are a threat to people's safety.
Question Author

Don't you think there's a difference between being 'PC' as you say, and not tolerating the stuff Mr Stacey wrote?

Do you REALLY, REALLY think that it's being PC to find what Mr Stacey wrote abhorrent?

Question Author

I have to disagree that prison should only be an option to those who are a threat to people's safety.

What about the burglar to robs irreplaceable family heirlooms and leaves heartbreak in their trail?

What about drug dealers?

What about fraudsters?

What is the deterrent if people know they won't get a custodial sentence.

Personally, I think that Liam Stacey is a worthless piece of flotsam, but don't think that he should've been jailed - however, I don't actually CARE that he's been jailed. I won't shed tears over his ruined future, because he chose to ruin it...over and over again (it was a whole series of posts, not just one 'moment of madness').
his mum must be so proud
a bit of follow-up - Liam Stacey is bad enough, but the so far on-the-loose Oliver Warren is still out there:


Warren mocked Muamba then when a young woman objected to this he threatened genital mutilation.

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