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Despite the prophets of doom.....

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KerrAvon | 14:33 Thu 25th Oct 2012 | News
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It seems the Olympics did help!


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Depends on where you are standing.

due to the oppressive behavior of the Olympic committee businesses around Stratford suffered. ie limited advertising leaflets etc.

And now what will save us in the next quarter?

It's a real shame noo labour left us in such a mess or we could have used the money and spent our way out. His Tonyness and bottler should be jailed.
and there was me thinking it was noo labour that was in power when the games were won for London.
I agree youngmafbog, Labour might have been in power when the Olympics committee watched the games awarded to London, but they did f../ all about the planning and execution of it, just left the country in a mess with less money to spend and more foreigners.

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Despite the prophets of doom.....

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