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What is Obama hiding?

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KerrAvon | 14:31 Sat 27th Oct 2012 | News
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by having his college and passport records sealed. Surely he's inviting the world to believe he has something to hide?


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No - it's none of our business. If there had been anything dodgy, it would have come to light before he was first elected.
the birthers still believe he's not American even though he produced his birth certificate. I can't see the point of humouring them any further.
No, he is exercising his privacy.

I noticed Trump was challenged to reveal his details by the Guardian but declined. Do you think he has something to hide?
you are both spot on,good answers.
Trump was on TV last night offering a huge payment to a charity for the first person who could produce those documents. Waste of breath and energy.
Cheap stunt by a fairly bonkers Republican.
Question Author
You must admit surely that it does look a teensy weensy bit like there is something in there that he doesn't want to come out. Why not open the whole lot up and put this to bed?
Can you show me Romneys equivalent records Kerr? Or Bushes?

No, you cant -because they havent released the information either, at least not to my knowledge.

Why should Obama pander to the lunatic fringe?
Why respond, though? It's the loony fringe - he went through the acceptability criteria the first time round.
Question Author
I haven't heard that there is a problem accessing anyone else's records.
That's what they said about his birth cerificate. He revealed it and nothing untoward was found.

Now if Grandpa Bush's dealings woth the Nazis were to be fully revealled, that would be worth a gander.
"I haven't heard that there is a problem accessing anyone else's records."

Well that would be because there is no lunatic fringe asking the question of Romney or Bush. Fact is, the only reason Bushes academic record became public knowledge was because someone liiegally leaked it.

For those records that the looney tunes are demanding from Obama, show us the equivalent from Romney. If you can, then maybe they might have a point - otherwise its just a empty attack from the barmpots determined to try and prove their is a secret plot to entrust the leadership of the US to a muslim kenyan.......
Question Author
why are people wanting to know the truth "looney tunes"?
First, tell me why it is their business. Then show me why they think there is some secret being "hidden".

Then show me the equivalent Romney records. Then, they might have a point. The whine that "they are only seeking the truth" has been the defence of swivel eyed frothing at the mouth barnpots since time immemorial.
because, as I said higher up, even when they're given the truth they don't believe it.

What did revealing his birth certificate tell us? That he was telling the Truth and Trump and Co. were lying. Why should Obama obey proven liars?
gromit, had Obama not been born in the USA (Kenya as inferred by Trump) he was not eligible to become President of the USA. imo.
Question Author
It's not their business but he is the president he surely must expect more scrutiny than anyone else. When someone spends milions to prevent access to records, suspicion is innevitable. I have no knowledge that Romney's records are similarly supressed. If this was GWB all you guys would be wailing like banshees, you know you would. It's your man so he must be clean.

All I'm saying is that if there is nothing to hide then wheel out the recs and let's put this to bed.
No, let's not, he's already proved himself eligible for presidency first time round.
I an unaware that Obama has spent millions suppressing the records. I assume that all records are private like they are in this country and everyones details are private. Everyones records are suppressed by the state by default.

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