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Is He Pushing Hs Luck Here ?

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youngmafbog | 14:18 Wed 23rd Jan 2013 | News
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After 'that woman who stuffed a cat in a wheelie bin' is this bloke for real?


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well they do kill birds but extermination is a bit OTT!
In some areas of Melbourne it is illegal to have out door cats because they are killing off the bird and wild life. They must be house cats.
Birds kill birds too, as of course, do humans. I guess if we just exterminated all living things, it would solve a lot of problems. We could start with NZ auctioneers.
they kill millions of birds, but there must be better ways to try and stop them. i loved my cat wholeheartedly, he brought me gifts from time to time, one was a little sparrow, who fortunately after a bit of nurturing flew away.
he has a point, but i think there must be better ways to help save these creatures.
NZ has some very unusual birds that are close to extinction because they can't cope with cats having evolved without such predators until they were introduced by Europeans
// He wrote in the Dominion Post newspaper: "Naturally, I'm not suggesting you go out and knock your furry friend on the head right now.//

Is that a euphemism?

kiwis - the birds, not the people - are indeed at risk from introduced animals like dogs and cats; so are other rare New Zealand fauna. It's a sensible suggestion; it's not going to happen in anyone's lifetime but it's worth proposing.
there has to be a better suggestion that kill all the cats, surely there must be some bright spark out there, or here who can come up with a fool proof method of alerting birds and other wildlife that there is a predator in their midst.
Seagulls don't seem overly worried about cats.
I've heard that some people put a bell round the cats neck so the birds can hear them comming, that would help but it'd probably drive the owners round the twist!
many are bigger than cats, and can hold their own, besides they are more interested in having a dust up with each other than what the local cats get up to.
bells don't work, at least not that i have ever seen.
he says killing cats is an option but basically he just wants people to look after them better

"Cats have contributed to the extinction of 9 native bird species.
Cats impact on 33 endangered native bird species.
One feral cat killed 102 endangered native short tail bats in a week.
Cats kill native birds. In our cities domestic cats kill native birds faster than they can possibly breed.
Around 40% of New Zealand’s native land-birds are already extinct, and of the ones remaining 37% are endangered."

A fair argument.
As jno says, the man does actually have a point. When native species are under threat from foreign invaders it's not a bad idea to take steps to protect them. I'm not sure about culling domestic moggies though. It's a tricky one.
if they are house cats then ok, but most cats are not, they are natural predators, and will kill prey for sport, my cat didn't need the prey to eat, as i fed him well.
Yeah kill 'em all.signed The Wildebeest protection Society !!

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Is He Pushing Hs Luck Here ?

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