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Young Man Crushed To Death By Train.

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anotheoldgit | 10:11 Mon 01st Apr 2013 | News
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What a horrible death for this poor young chap.

Surely it is time that some form of safety fence should be installed making it impossible for travellers to get close to the edge of the platform?

The main entrance gate could then be opened when the train stops at the platform and then the passengers could then move down the platform to enter the carriages.



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// The notion of something that only saves lives, not money, is therefore to be ignored immediately. //
not entirely true Andy - have a look at this:-

as a result, network rail were prosecuted for not acting on their own risk assessment, and were fined £1m as a result. At Elsenham, they also had to install a footbridge.

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Young Man Crushed To Death By Train.

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