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Should We Be Scared Of North Korea?

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AB Editor | 09:57 Tue 02nd Apr 2013 | News
73 Answers

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I think, yes!

A very worrying situation!
Question Author

I'm quite convinced they don't have the capability to do any large scale damage. They're also falling out with China - which is bad news for them.

If you think they're something to worry about, what do you think should be "done", and by who (if you do!)?
It's a very small country and could be wiped out with our own nukes very easily.
I think that North Korea are just Sabre rattling myself.
I have to admit I don't know or understand nearly enough of it but I think we'd be pretty stupid to sit back thinking they're having us on.
The problem wwith North Korea is they live in isolation. This means they genuinely belive the rhetoric they come out with. They think they are superior to the rest of the world.

Technologically they are in the stone age, however its their actions and their allies that are the problem.
They're just sabre rattling.
I love that expression :)
I must agree with my good friend Ed....this is "sabre rattling" from a young upstart trying to line himself up with the tactics of his father.

A strike on American bases would lead to all out missile strike by the Americans which would "flatten" North Korea.

Kim Jung Un's main threat is from a coup within in North Korea itself.
Yeah it's a gud un ain't it WBA LOL.
If nuclear weapons are used it could mean real big concerns for the world as a whole. Not being a political person I wouldn't really know the solution but I do think it is quite worrying.
Them Wolves fans used to like sabre rattling Tony...been a bit quiet for a while now though :)

I've got to go out in a bit and drive around Stourbridge ring road,that worries me more than North Korea and some Benny Hill type character they have in charge.
Stourbridge WBA ! I'll pray for you.
I certainly think we should be scared of the situation - even one nation going in and flattening another is horrific and the US didn't do too well last time they tried to sort out Korea.
Question Author
"Kim Jung Un's main threat is from a coup within in North Korea itself."

Military coup, or a "peasant revolt"? I've not read anything about either. Interesting though, I'd not considered it an option.
Prudie that was 60 years ago.
The Yanks know the location of every missile the North Koreans have.
They can put a bomb through your letterbox these days.
That's irrelevant, they went into Korea and then Vietnam, failed at both. What would they have learnt now to do differently?
Although N. Korea holds significant reserves of raw materials, including coal, there doesn't appear to be any oil. It's usually oil that interests the West so direct involvement by the west is unlikely. Supplying arms from both the East (China) and the West (USA etc) to the relevant countries is a possibility but another Vietnam is unlikely in my opinion.
They might not have the means to do any serious damage in one foul swoop but they seem crazy enough to give it a try.
Can we have a poll "Should We Be Scared of North America (i.e. USA)?" to redress the balance ?

A far more warmongering country with an enormous arsenal of WMD, and a history of using them.
"It's a very small country and could be wiped out with our own nukes very easily."
Certainly. And ow do think our friends in South Korea might feel about that, MightWBA?

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Should We Be Scared Of North Korea?

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