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sandokan | 11:08 Sun 08th Sep 2013 | News
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could someone suggest another news reporting programme that would give me a chance to give the articles a thumbs up or down depending what i think of the article- at the moment i use yahoo but i am finding them slightly biased and not reporting both sides of the current affairs reports


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Do you mean programme or are you reading them on a website?

Many websites comments section use another service called

If you join that, you can leave replies and comments on some newspaper and blogg sites.

Did you enjoy your holiday, that is certainly some tan that you have acquired? :0)
Sadly, my usual September sojourn to warmer climes has had to be cancelled due to lack of funds. The tan is out of a bottle.
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thank you gromit but the disqus site is not quite what i was looking for but thank you for your time and patience with me

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