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Food Banks

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whistonian | 08:42 Wed 16th Oct 2013 | News
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Just heard on the news that people using Food Banks has increased 3 fold in the past year. How do these people prove that they are on the bread line. On TV a very well dressed women with a child collected 3 bags of food and one of the staff helped her across the road by carrying 2 of the bags probably to her car!!


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Its done by a system of food vouchers, dispensed by a range of service professionals, as I understand it.

"Care professionals such as doctors, health visitors, social workers, CAB and police identify people in crisis and issue them with a foodbank voucher. Foodbanks partner with a wide range of care professionals who are best placed to assess need and make sure that it is genuine."
Did you see the car? They may have been walking or catching the bus. People end up in hardship for many reasons and if you had a nice wardrobe before you hit hard times are you supposed not to wear any of it when you do.
my friend worked for St Vincent de Paul - after some time she left as she felt it was being abused.
What is your concern? Is it that someone may be receiving help they're not 'entitled' to, or somehow don't deserve?

You should be more concerned over the problem itself, in that people have got so desperate they're having to rely on charity hand-outs, just so they can feed their children.
The British Red Cross are distributing as much food aid to needy people this year since the second world war!!
The example woman on BBC this morning had a very nice leather jacket on, and plenty of bling.
yeh, owt for nowt
So should they make sure they dress 'down' when using such a service, just to make it clear they really do need the help?

I read something on Facebook a few weeks ago, where a man had to go to a food bank to get sanitary items for his daughter.
I think you'd have to be pretty desperate to do that...
There will be people who will take advantage , who don't really need it. It's known as being tight fisted.
I think, and would hope, the small minority of people who 'abuse' such a service would be minimal compared to the vast amount of people finding themselves reliant on it.
"So should they make sure they dress 'down' when using such a service, just to make it clear they really do need the help?"

No, they probably shouldn't - but I reckon I would.
So are you supposed to sell all of our possessions when you hit hard times? Did ou see the car? Maybe a friend or relative was giving her a lift. Just be grateful you don't need such help.
Look it probably wasn't for them. They were kindly collecting it for their servants.
Oh, and I would put the iphone and fags out of sight
so - you have a good job and nice clothes, then suddenly you lose that job and have no income, so need the food bank. What are you supposed to do, throw out your good clothes so you "look eligible"?

It's a similar allegation to when the EU influx immigrant population first arrived here in Dover - "they wear leather jackets and jewellery" - what, you think they didn't have those before they got on the ferry?
I have asked this before but still cannot get a sensible (one that i can understand) answer.

Why do people (OAPs) have to "beg for food" (foodbanks) in the UK, whilst immigrants can get a house, rent paid for and heating suppled?

This is NOT a Political question.
There is an argument floating around that there is a greater use of foodbanks because there are more food banks, and that people will take advantage - but you cannot just poll up at your local food bank in your Bentley and expect to be given a box full of food or what have you - It is a voucher based system, so you would need to find someone - a GP, a copper, unemployment office, to issue you with vouchers, which implies at least some degree of sceening for those seeking to take advantage.

I do not think we can dismiss the rise of food banks as being simply fuelled by blackguards gaming the system...
when the sally army give you a whistle and flute should you say no way this is far too good for me have you got something a bit scruffy

fluffing brill this site for the experts on poverty
//Why do people (OAPs) have to "beg for food" (foodbanks) in the UK, whilst immigrants can get a house, rent paid for and heating suppled?//

firstly immigrants only get a house or place of residence if they meet the criteria the same as 'local' people!!

secondly the rent paid is only a percentage the same as anyone else with entitlement

thirdly no on gets heating paid for!
"thirdly no on gets heating paid for!"

Except pensioners in winter, sort of :)

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