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No D N A On The Knife

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joggerjayne | 12:09 Wed 16th Oct 2013 | News
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So, what happens next for Amanda and Raffaele. Okay, let's get this one off my chest.

Evidence before the Court on Day 1 of the new hearing ...

After six years of testing and testing and testing, it is clear that Meredith's bedroom contained NO DNA from Amanda or Raffaele.




Not a debating point. A simple scientific and evidential fact.

Not "some" DNA. Not a "little bit" of DNA. Absolutely NO DNA whatsoever.*

But this is not because of Prosecutor Mignini's imaginary "big clean up". If they'd removed all their own DNA, they would also have ended up removing Rudy Guede's DNA, and the blood, and there was lots, and lots of Rudy's DNA. All over the room.

So Amanda and Raffaele were not at the scene of the murder.

They ... were ... not ... there ... !

They had not been in Meredith's room. Not when the murder happened. Not ever. And, if Amanda had ever been in Meredith's room when they were flat mates, then she didn't touch anything. She didn't put her hand on anything, at any time. Not a door handle. Not a light switch.

So the overwhelming likelihood is that Amanda had never, ever been in Meredith's room, even before the murder.

But there were other DNA traces in the room. Whose were they? Was it DNA from Meredith's real killers? Well, sadly we don't know, because ...

... Prosecutor Mignini didn't bother to run tests.

And now ...

The lab reports are back from Rafaelle's knife.

Remember? The "murder weapon" ?

And the tests show ...

The DNA on the knife does not belong to Meredith.

The "murder weapon" is not the murder weapon. Just like the Defence kept saying all along. Rafaelle's knife had been used to cut bread. Not to murder Meredith.

The "murder weapon" that has been in Police custody was six years, paraded in Court. Waved in front of the jury while Mignini told them how it had been used to brutally stab Meredith to death. It had never been anywhere near Meredith, and never been used for anything more violent than slicing cheese.

But why did we not find this out six years ago? Yes, because ...

... Prosecutor Mignini didn't bother to run tests.

Mignini has conducted an entire Murder trial on the strength of, what turns out to be, a cheese knife.

So ...

(1) Amanda and Raffaele were not at the scene of the murder.

(2) Rafaelle's knife was not the murder weapon.

When the case resumes on 6 November, presumably the Prosecution will withdraw the case, and apologise for failing to investigate what really happened?

Or will they continue to rely on "trial by media"?

Will they hope that they have done enough to portray an evil picture of Amanda, so that, despite there being no evidence against them whatsoever, there will be people who just kind of think that "well, they MUST be guilty"?

But here's the next question.

Every time anyone has said anything about Mignini that he has claimed to be untrue (like about his notorious interrogation techniques), he has sued them for defamation. When the case is withdrawn or thrown out, will Amanda and Raffaele now sue Prosecutor Mignini over and over again for the six years worth of lies that he has fed to the media?

But, by way of a glimmer of hope for the Prosecution, there are still some people, even today, who maintain that the Earth is flat.



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Question Author
*Just in case anyone has still been suckered in by the "DNA on the bra clasp" story ...

Raffaele's DNA was found on the bra clasp, along with DNA from AT LEAST four other people. Who? We don't know, because ... Mignini didn't bother to run tests. The clasp was left in the room for 47 days. It was moved several times, and eventually recovered from a pile of discarded rubbish. It was picked up by an investigator who had been into several rooms in the house, to which Raf was a regular visitor. He had handled items that had Raf's DNA on them. He had Raf's DNA on his gloves. Then he picks up the clasp. Instead of bagging it, the investigators are seen to pass it between themselves. How it was EVER allowed to be used in evidence, heaven only knows. Of COURSE it had Raf's DNA on it. But who else's DNA was on it?

Mignini did not care. He didn't even bother to look into that one.

As a result of the fat, sweaty, insane Mignini's incompetent handling of the case, and his personal ego trip, and his ludicrous media witch hunt, we will probably never now be able to find out who really killed Meredith.

And, sadly, neither will the Kercher family.
I thought Amanda and Meredith were bestie mates?

If that was the case and they share flat together how could there not be any DNA in Meredith's room?
Question Author
That's the sort of red herring question on which the prosecution will be pinning their hopes.

Why didn't Amanda ever go in Meredith's bedroom?

But you see ...

Amanda becomes a suspect if she HAD been in the bedroom.

Not if she HADN'T been in the bedroom.

Only in Italy could you be suspicious about someone because they had not been in the room where a crime took place.
Why are you so invested in this, Jayne, out of curiosity? Not related to Amanda by any chance?

Question Author
Dunno, Lazy.

I'm just fascinated by it.

And by Mignini.

Two years before the Kercher case, he arrested a Guardian journalist on a trumped up charge, and violently interrogated him, just like Amanda claimed.

He has a track record of claiming that cases involve satanic sex rituals, even though they have never once turned out to actually do so. He has a mind full of satanic sex rituals.

And he has convictions for abuse of office, and falsifying evidence.

He's a twisted, and evil, character who, if you were ever in Italy (which I am quite a lot), could one day arrest you or me!!

I donated some money to Amanda's defence fund, because the Knox family were struggling to fund the original trial.
@ Jayne Ahh, thanks for the background. I might do a bit more reading, then. I always find satanic sex rituals worthy of research :)
Question Author
Me too. That's why I joined the local voodoo group. Sacrificing chickens while dancing naked on the beach is the only way to conduct religion.
@ Jayne You will get no argument from me on that :) Well, depending on whether or not you can roast the chicken for eats, and the weather caribbean :)
Sounds fun Jayne, how do I join?
Question Author
Well, of course you eat the chicken.

One wouldn't want to appear wasteful !
Question Author
dave ...

You have to buy a chicken, and a black top hat.

Not a frozen chicken.
JJ - this Prosecutor Minging isn't one of Berlusconi's mates is he?
Question Author
Why is that not a surprise, Welshy.
Correct,JJ, that is what ought to happen. It's all a bit academic because she is in America and America does not , as a basic principle, acknowledge extradition requests relating to its own citizens, and she is unlikely to want to visit Italy again. Whether the Italian courts could issue a European arrest warrant for her arrest in another EU state is arguable in the circumstances of this case; certainly can't see the UK accepting that.
a bit confused jj. why was there no dna of Amanda's found in Meredith's bedroom. they shared a flat ? its not that relevant anyway imo Amanda knox is not going to Italy is she ?
I never really followed the case when it first happened but lately I read a book on my kindle (Death in Perugia) as I was intrigued by this case. I can't really say that the book convinced me either way as to her guilt or innocence, but it did seem to leave a lot of unanswered questions.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this new trial brings. If she is found guilty will the US hand her over? As far as i'm aware it doesn't fall under the double jeopardy law and the US does have an extradition policy with Italy. The US only has extradition policies with countries that they feel have a fair and just judicial system. Time will tell.
Question Author
Anne ... although they shared a flat, they evidently only socialised in the communal areas.

There was some of Raf's DNA on the door handle of Meredith's room. That was because it was Raf who tried to open Meredith's door, the morning after the murder.

And yes, that was the same door handle, with Raf's DNA, which was turned by the investigator who was then filmed holding the bra clasp. The one with Raf's DNA on it. Off the door handle.
Question Author
Duck ...

The US would not hand Amanda over.

But she doesn't want to be a guilty person hiding in the US.

She wants to be proved innocent.

If you want a laugh, I will post (below) one or two of the previous examples of absurdity by the original prosecutor in this case ...
Question Author
There was a serial killer who became known as The Monster Of Florence. The ballistics evidence showed that all of the Monster's victims were shot with the same gun. A simple case of a crazed serial killer.

However, Mignini invented an elaborate conspiracy, and claimed that there was a secret society, with secret rituals, behind the killings.

(Mignini's usual obsession with multiple killers, and secret rituals!)

Of course, it was all complete nonsense, and it was thrown out by the Judge.
Question Author
In 1985, Francesco Narducci was found dead in Perugia. He had killed himself by taking an overdose of Demerol. 16 years later, in 2001, Giuliano Mignini decided that Narducci had been a member of a satanic sect, with secret rituals, and that 20 members of the sect had killed him to keep him quiet.

(Mignini's usual obsession with multiple killers, and secret rituals!)

Mignini charged the 20 innocent people and came up with a bizarre, and complicated, plot that included body doubles, and featured dead bodies being swapped, not once, but twice.

Of course, it was all nonsense, and the cases against all the defendants were thrown out by the Judge.

One pattern is clear. If there is ever a simple murder in Perugia, Guiliano Mignini will fantasise that there were multiple killers, and that there was some sort of ritual involved. Invariably, he has been wrong.

When Rudy Guede killed Meredith Kercher, before he had even started looking at the evidence, Mignini held a Press conference announcing that the murder involved .. wait for it ... multiple killers, and some sort of ritual.

The world was divided into two types of people.

(1) Those who said ... oh my god, it must be true.

(2) Those who knew Mignini, and who said ... Oh my god, it's that Mignini bloke, with another one of his Laugh Out Loud, unsupported, conspiracy theories.

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