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Prince Charles.

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Farriercm | 09:21 Fri 06th Jun 2014 | News
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What are the active service Medals Charles is wearing pinned to his Blazer at the D Day parade today? .


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Was he a serving sailor during the Cod Wars in the 70s?
Question Author
Was he involved in the Falklands conflict?
Cod wars - good one sandy
No, he wasn't in the Falkland's conflict, although his brother Andrew flew helicopters, Charles served in the Royal Navy during the '70s on HMS Bronnington.
We've covered this before:

I am unsure that he has been awarded medals for 'active service', however rest assured that those he does will be as of right.
Don't mention HMS Bronnington zebo.I believed he crashed it whilst at the Con.
Sorry Baldric, i didn't see your post.
I think Phil earned any medals he wears
Oh I very much doubt it.
Did he not win runner up in the monarch stakes 40 years running
What about his sister, she hasn't served in Her Majesties Forces, yet she dons a uniform along with a chestful of medals at every opportunity such as this?

She does appear to have picked up the odd Military Honorary Appointment along the Way.,_Princess_Royal#Honorary_military_appointments
in aog's picture poor old harry, who's actually seen a bit of action, has a paltry looking collection(1) next to dad and aunty annie.
It's quite an old photo Svejk, since then Harry should have picked up the Jubilee and Afghan medal at the very least.
still be a paltry collection though. 2 more than I've got (if we're counting blue peter badges)

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Prince Charles.

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