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Leon Brittan - Incompetent Or A Sinister Cover Up?

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Gromit | 19:18 Wed 02nd Jul 2014 | News
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// In July 2014 Brittan was urged to comment on a 50-page dossier that Geoffrey Dickens MP had handed over to him in 1984.

The dossier (which the Home Office confirms has not been retained) apparently contained information about suspected VIP paedophile rings and the abuse of boys in care homes.

Having denied, in an e-mail to a Channel 4 news reporter, any recollection of this, in 2013, Brittan declared in summer 2014 that Geoff Dickens had arranged to see him at the Home Office and that he had sent a letter to Mr Dickens on March 20, 1984, explaining what had been done in relation to the files. //


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//Incompetent or a sinister cover up?//

He was a member of the Thatcher Cabinet, like the rest of them, he did as he was told.
Could be the old chestnut .Believe nowt a politition says until its denied thrice
wait and see what the DPP and police say. If none of them has any record...
might this issue be '' swept under the carpet '' ?
I bet one will turn up

( or perhaps has which is why he has recovered his memory )

Geoffrey Dickens is dead so we cant really ask him, but we ccould his heirs or his political successors
Question Author
The Leaderene was big mates with Sir Jimmy S. Her Home Secrectary losses a dossier on VIP paedophiles. Hmmm?
Question Author
Lord Brittan seems to have a very selective memory about this affair, according to Ch 4 news tonight...I am wondering what he will be recalling tomorrow, what he can't seem to record today.
Question Author
Mr Brittan's claims that he did not remember the dossier are not really backed up by newspaper reports at the time. This is from the Express

But why would Lie?
Why indeed!

There is without doubt a sinister cover up. I won't mention any names of course, but surely it isn't just bad luck that the same names crop up time and time again when you read an article about a known pervert from the era?
Question Author
Question Author
According to Gromit's links it seems that they were homosexual paedophiles, which seems to answer the question I asked recently in ChatterBank.
Incompetent Or A Sinister Cover Up?

The Home Office admit 114 documents relating to child abuse are missing from official records.

Losing those files, now that's a real bummer.....
I'm sure some MP or other has said "This information wasn't that explosive" Maybe a lot of it was "common knowledge"? Still doesn't justify losing it.

Sorry if I can't work out who this MP is...

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Leon Brittan - Incompetent Or A Sinister Cover Up?

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