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Three Men From The South Ccm

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weecalf | 09:31 Wed 10th Sep 2014 | News
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When the three men from the south go up north to Scotland .Will they be singing the Hothouse flowers number Dont Go. If they came to my door I say no thanks I gave at the office .


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will they be singing - - - we three men from orient are ?

will they be saying - vote to stay with us - big advantage but we wont tell you what it is .... ? [ big vote winner up there they say ]
blimey wee-wee you seem to have exhausted all the possibilities of that damned scottish refernedum. Cant they have the vote tomorrow
Sic a parcel o' rogues in a nation!!
dave has stated that he will be heartbroken if it's a yes vote ... sounds like he's shot himself in the foot to me

when ld North lost the American colonies in 1782 he tendered his resignation as PM a few times - George III refusing -

wailing I cant go on ! I have betrayed my King and Country !

some hope if it all goes t+ts up now.
what's CCM?
I think it is "come" but wee got tired half way thro.

Enough !!! let's have no more about this bl***y boring NEVERENDUM referendum. If it happened it happens, if it doesn't, it doesn't. All politician are liars liars liars. The term "honest politician" is an oxymoron. Fat Ecky Salmond is just a moron. He can't wait to set up his stupid Eckistan ! Now, enough , no more on this topic... please !
every chance that Salmond would be voted out if the vote is Yes, like Churchill after WW2: his job will be done.
I have noticed the use of the name 'Eck' in recent posts. I thought it was short for Hector, but clearly I'm wrong.

Neverendum - corrrect

Saw two jags prescott today and thought
hit someone ! hit someone ! please - put a bit of life into it
Question Author
Cammers .Cleggie other one


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Three Men From The South Ccm

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