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Heard Of Ttip?

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AliceTickband | 20:50 Wed 10th Jun 2015 | News
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No? I hadn't either till a few days ago.

I read up on it and it is really scary

I contacted my MEPs to tell them of my concerns and all I got were auto shock I have contacted them again to find out what is going on.....not holding my breath for any answers from them.

The vote on TTIP should have taken place today but some high-up people in the european parliament began to run scared that it might be voted out and the voting was cancelled.

Yet another stink from the EU!


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Yes, hasn't everyone ?

Been petitions against it for a while now.
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sorry OG.......I am slower than I used to be, but I get there in the end!
No need to apologise to me.

It does seem rather off. Merchants must not be able to dictate what elected governments can and can not decide for their country.
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more than a bit off....all of it.....especially the bit about our NHS could end up in the hands of the yanks.
Well apparently the NHS is safe in the government's hands so that's ok then.
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The big Corporations who will make £billions out of us.

1. TTIP is a proposed ‘free trade’ agreement between the US and the EU. The negotiations around it are shrouded in secrecy, but the information that has been forced out shows that if successful, the agreement would lead to deregulation of what we eat, how we work, and increase the power that large corporations hold over national governments.

2. TTIP also proposes to include the ISDS (Investor-State Dispute Settlement) mechanism. Already in action in several countries under the existing NAFTA (North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement), this allows corporations to directly sue governments for introducing legislation that reduces their profits.

3. The Center for Food Safety has already raised concerns about the potential for TTIP to establish a Regulatory Cooperation Council, which could result in ‘harmonisation’ of safety standards, meaning that food not meeting EU standards could be sold here anyway. Such products include chemically washed poultry, livestock treated with growth hormones, and genetically modified crops.

4. On both sides of the Atlantic, elected parliamentarians are only allowed limited access to information about the negotiations, while around 600 ‘corporate advisors’ have full access to this information.

The Greens say it is a power grab by Multi-Nationals. And that it circumvents elected Government. It is a US-EU contrived agreement which is supported by the Conservatives, Labour, LibDems and UKIP.
I'm not sure that I like this 'Brave New World'. In fact, can we go back, please Sir, Sir......?
Stop reading your left-wing blogs, Gromit. UKIP, alone, have been vehemently opposed to TTiP since its inception. As predicted after the election, Labour have done a volte face and now oppose it as well.
No wonder Obama doesn't want the UK to leave the EU.
Agreed OP - "Yet another stink from the EU!"

The sooner we're out of it the better, while we still have a country left
For the arguments both 'for' and 'against' (plus a lot of background information) see my links here:
load of old pony, if they are openning trade outside the EUSSR that is good, all the items in that list do not follow because of trade agreements. Propaganda from the Euphile "independent" - to Quote Jim Royle - independent? my arris!
Just another example of the insideous nature of the dictatorial eussr.

They are to democracy what hitler was to human rights
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thanks for all the posts. I really appreciate reading other peoples' views.

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