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In or Out?

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AB Editor | 17:56 Mon 15th Feb 2016 | News
136 Answers

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Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

  • Leave the European Union - 124 votes
  • 75%
  • Remain a member of the European Union - 42 votes
  • 25%

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Question Author
Afternoon. I always like these ones.

I've used the wording here:

It would be interesting to know what your number one issue is too.
I have voted but it hasn't registered.


Jackdaw, does this help?

///Stats until: 16:57 Mon 15th Feb 2016 (Refreshed every 5 minutes)///
There should be two empty boxes. One with "IN" over and one with "OUT".

No fudging, no framing the question to add bias or remove confusion or any of the other recent points that have been raised.

Hopefully, the voters will be able to remember quite why they have gone to the polls without needing to be prompted by a question on the ballot-paper?
This ought to be interesting...

The 'vote' box seems to have disappeared.
Have you already voted, Margo? If so the box will disappear to prevent you from voting more than once. AB is not NI or Bradford.
Thanks Jackdaw. Wasn't trying to vote again, was just confused as to why the screen was different. Doesn't take a lot in my case!
No 1 reason why 'no'. We would be better off economically.
3 to 1 so far. Dave, start worrying!
yup we should leave..our economy, housing and public services simply cannot cope with the influx of immigrants..from ANYWHERE !
and we need to escape the clutches of the Bundesbank !
Out and ASAP, as I said on a different thread, new members will be queuing up to join the E.U, mostly poorer countries, i.e Turkey. Bosnia, they will take more than they give and their citizens will head for the best countries, the U.K and Germany, putting more strain on our already overstretched services.

Almost 4 - 1 now, I'm liking it!
Out. The people of this country are having imposed upon them something they never agreed to and, given the option at the time, would never have agreed to. What we have now is a far cry from the original agreement.

its very simple you want to stay in and say goodbye to england/uk as a sovereign nation making its own laws and governing itself from top to bottom or be ruled from brussells, or do you want the eussr empire flag to to be the one you "salute" flying over town halls etc etc....staying in means every single aspect of your life governed and dictated to by brussells.

hitlers dreams of a third reich was stopped and so must adolf merkels fourth reich...

I'll give you one guess...

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